30 books for Christians under 30

// This is a non-definitive list, please don't shout at me!

Written by Hannah Malcolm

5 authors you didn’t know were Christian

// This article was written for the GOODFRUIT Literary Contest - organised by GOODFRUIT in collaboration with threadsUK.com.

Written by Dee Atkins

Dorothea: the extraordinary woman

// As an aspiring writer, I am constantly looking to the voices of other female writers for wisdom and guidance -...

Written by Vicky Noble

The scientific approach to divinity

// "We know so much and yet truly understand so little."

Written by Jonny Lindsay

When prayer doesn’t work

// "You heard it here first, ladies and gents: threads Writer Says Prayer 'A Sham'."

Written by Jennie Pollock

Free to be disappointed

// When we are faced with circumstances we would never choose, it's only human to be angry, confused and disappointed. As...

Written by Lucy Cooper

A Year of Biblical Womanhood

// In defence of Rachel Held Evans...

Written by Chine McDonald

Romney/Obama mashup, all you can eat buffets and speedy novel writing

// Danny Webster brings us his pick of the week...

Written by Danny Webster

Is the religious right wrong?

// When you have the answer you've got a duty to correct those who have got it wrong, haven't you?

Written by Danny Webster

In defence of the rules

// Shattering the illusion that we're in control.

Written by Danny Webster

Greenbelt 2012: Mud-entrenched; justice-invoking

// I’ve given up on trying to scrape the mud off my rucksack and shoved the tent to the back of...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Come as you are? When the Church rejects.

// We need to face up to the fact that outside our doors, the Church has got a bad rep.

Written by Chine McDonald