The US presidential election is hotting up. Romney took some blows over private comments to big donors, but swung back into contention with a strong showing in last week’s debate. You could watch the 90 minute debate or just this 2 minute remix. I’m assuming, like most of us, you’ve wondered what Obama and Romney would look like if they swapped hair.

Ever feel like no one notices your facebook posts, comments on your photos on clicks through to your blog? Well if you’re in the US for just $7 a post you can promote your efforts and fill Facebook’s coffers.

If you found a packet with £1000 would you take what you need and hand the rest into the police? Is it still theft?

Can you get thrown out of an all you can eat buffet? Not in Chinatown.

I’m starting to psych myself up for November when I’ll try to match last year’s effort and write a novel in a month as part of National Novel Writing Month. My first essential purchase will be a new notebook and the Guardian give us their pick of the best.

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Danny loves to read, write and think about how the church can change the world, and how in the mean time we can get to grips with it not always working out that way. Danny blogs at Broken Cameras & Gustav Klimt on the lessons he is learning about faith and failure as he goes through life. He’s also a bit of a geek on political and social issues. When he's bored or stressed Danny indulges in a little creative baking.

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