‘Churchianity’, or when your faith is flawed

// When the Church loses sight of the people it is comprised of, it morphs into Churchianity

Written by Annie Carter

Think on these things

// How does Christ shape our thinking in this age of post-truth?

Written by Annie Carter

Our faith is offensive; we must embrace it

// If our theology empowers us to simply mirror the world is it truly progressive?

Written by Bex Finney

Are we prepared to speak the truth?

// Because by doing so, we recognise the glory, beauty and scandal of the Gospel.

Written by Nick Harris

Why I’m an evangelical

// Putting it bluntly, I don’t think we live up to the evangelical name as a collective and a generation.

Written by Nick Harris


// In the wake of Remembrance Day, we take another look at what freedom really means.

Written by Emma Fowle

Why the Bible has power if we’ll let it

// We can’t expect just to fit the Bible into our lives. Instead, I choose to fit my life, my story, into the far bigger story of the Bible.

Written by Dave Criddle

Troubled by disagreement

// 5 observations.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Addicted to information

// "How many of us even finish reading an article before getting bored and moving onto the next exciting thing?"

Written by David Binder

Am I about to ruin my son’s Christmas?

// Santa? Or no Santa?

Written by Fiona Spence

Embracing awkward

// Everything is awkward. But what if behind the frequency with which we use the term, there's also a cultural change...

Written by Robin Ham

Why I believe the Bible is God’s word

// "Reading the Bible as a community does much more than teach us how to disagree, it helps us share learning...

Written by Katharine Welby-Roberts

Racism: more than just the n-word

// "While reciting a nursery rhyme doesn’t make you a racist, we all know that a word is never ‘just’ a...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Wanderings of a theology graduate

// "How have we become so unattractive? Where is the joy and hope found in your gospel, your resurrection? If it’s...

Written by Kit Powney

Are headlines misleading?

// "One thing I particularly enjoy about news is that an entire story can be built around a catchy headline which...

Written by Ed Mayhew

Why I am a Christian

// "When I came back to God, I found power to change the things that I thought were inherently hard-wired into...

Written by Natalie Williams

The one in which 14 people stand for election

// Sometimes it’s hard to work out whether the Monster Raving Loony William Hill party are more deserving of your vote...

Written by Danny Webster

Truth, lies and Pistorius

// We may never know what really happened between Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine’s day....

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Lance Armstrong and the pursuit of truth

// Every society from the ancient Greeks to modern day has enjoyed a fascination with the discovery of truth.

Written by Hannah Silley

You can’t handle the truth

// Morality might not be considered cool, but if we want ethics then we must first know where they come from.

Written by Danny Webster