What’s wrong with 2016? Me.

// This article isn’t about blind optimism. This is about looking far enough ahead to see the end of the story.

Written by Andy Flannagan

This is my church: how a nightclub changed my life

// A club would have held no fear for Jesus. I think he would have been last to leave.

Written by Luke Rollins

What are we creating?

// We have an ability to create for good, despite our propensity to **** things up.

Written by Dave Luck

Sticks, stones and snouts

// A brief response to '#piggate'

Written by Nick Parish

Can memories be deleted?

// The God who remembers no more.

Written by Rhodri Brady

3 things Christians miss about sin and judgement

// As I glanced back for a second look, I was amazed to see the t-shirt really did say “Only God...

Written by Sam Hailes

Lightweight sins and heavy consequences

// The plan was to go for a nice family trip to the cinema...

Written by Mark Anderson

Are sins really forgiven?

// Just as Google will now be required to delete links, so we are taught that we should delete the hurt...

Written by Natalie Collins

The internet is full of real people too

// "A screen can let you think that you’re not doing something all that bad, because there’s not another human being...

Written by Joel Leakey

The Wolf of Wall Street

// "Some have criticised The Wolf of Wall Street for glamorising the lifestyle of these money-grubbing conmen, but such critics are...

Written by Peter Marsay

The hierarchy of sin

// And top of that list... you guessed it: sex.

Written by Mim Skinner

Gluttony: If ‘you are what you eat’ then what are we becoming?

// The only categories of books to experience a recent rise in sales are food and drink, and religion.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

Lust: Is it really all that bad?

// It's his shoulders that are deadly. I'd like to claw at them. I'd like him to push me against a...

Written by Andrea Boden

Envy: Why Facebook is making us all green

// Motherhood is, so far, the worst stage of life for becoming envious. The problem is there will always be someone...

Written by Hannah Silley

Greed: Why more is never enough

// Greed is always there. Greed wants more, no matter what the cost. Greed tells you it's just this once. A...

Written by Matt Crossman

Sloth: Couch potato versus workaholic

// The antidote to laziness is not to work harder. It's easy to work a 70-hour-week and then get ill. Anyone...

Written by Tanya Marlow

When sin becomes too familiar

// A man appears on screen. He has just hacked another human being to death in plain sight in south-east London....

Written by Chine McDonald

Wrath: The divine Hulk-smash

// I repress my anger. I bottle it up like an evil genie; compressing it further and further until there’s some...

Written by Martin Saunders

Pride: Sometimes we must be boastful

// We need to move away from the need to humble others when truly we must focus on humbling ourselves.

Written by Preston Yancey

We all need to be nudists

// Our shortcomings and failures can be responded to with bucket loads of grace, but that there is also a time...

Written by Cris Rogers