But that changed when we didn’t just watch any film, we watched a scary film. My wife would never usually watch a frightening movie, but that changed tonight with peer pressure from her brothers, who egged her on. If I’m honest, I’m not particularly a horror fan either, but I didn’t want to seem weak.

That was the worst decision ever.

It’s currently 2:22am and we’re still awake. It’s kind of amazing how a film can stick in your head and repeat over and over and over again when you close your eyes.

The Mrs is tossing and turning. I have to go away on work duties next week, and she’s reminding me on every turn that she’s going to stay at her mother’s, because she’s not staying in this house alone while I am overseas. I nervously laugh, but the crack in my voice is like a chink in my armour. My wife knows that I am just as awake as her!

You have to be careful what you do and see, and be wary of the circumstances you put yourself into.

The film may be a weak link into this thought, but trust me, it seems very relevant as I lay here reliving every frightening moment from the film! Events can linger well after we experience them.

Similarly, Jesus teaches that sin has a salary: when you commit a sin, you receive a wage for that particular sin. Unfortunately that wage is death. Quite serious, you can imagine.

The Bible is a pretty big book. It tells us stuff from the beginnings of the universe to the final scenes of heaven. Mind blowing stuff. Essentially, the book is a dramatic love letter about God’s love for humanity and His efforts to redeem us.

But not everyone gets into heaven (bad times). God tells us in Revelation that the ones left out are opponents of God who love to live a lie, such as sorcerers, murderers, idol worshipers and the sexually immoral.

Modern belief would like to think extracurricular sex outside of marriage would not keep you out of Heaven; however, God put a high value on sexual faithfulness, and any other sin that has the capacity to corrupt our souls and pollute God’s creation.

Here is the good part: as the minutes tick by tonight and perpetual darkness is all around me, I am safe in the knowledge that sometime soon the dawn will approach and put the stupid thoughts about “The Conjuring” out of my head. Then, I will focus on the day ahead. It’s the same with God. We all sin, however, once you give everything over to Him, all God wants to do is start over. “Sin no more!” Jesus says.

Try putting it into practice. Get in the habit of not bowing down to peer pressure. Avoid sin. Wake up early. Open the Bible and get reading.

Well, good night!

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