Impossible is a dare

// An interview with Ben Cooley, founder of Hope for Justice.

Written by threads

What’s your calling in life?

// How to answer that terrifying question...

Written by Gemma Brown

Why our church threw out our mission statement

// So millennials are sick of mission statements? Here’s why our church doesn’t have one...

Written by Jenny Bridgman

Our loss of identity: how our culture is lying to us all

// After Black Friday, we consider whether living ethically is just for hippies and annoying do-gooders.

Written by Anya Briggs

How to know God’s will for our life

// “What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”

Written by Stu Bothwell

The noble art of staying

// Or, why I am not currently sunning it up in Barbados.

Written by Christine Gilland

What if we’re not all meant to save the world after all?

// Sometimes the pursuit of a ‘meaningful’ career can become as narrow-minded and limiting as the pursuit of success.

Written by Christine Gilland

The happiness lie

// If happiness is the end-goal, most of us are failing.

Written by Anya Briggs

British, Indian, Christian: who am I?

// How do we navigate our identity in an increasingly diverse society and find our true identity in Christ?

Written by Steve Uppal

I misread Jeremiah 29:11

// "It's a great verse if you don't think about it too hard"

Written by Alasdair Lindop

Calling vs career

// Out of wounds comes the healing of humanity. Out of the grave comes hope for the world. Out of what...

Written by Alexandra Lilley

A better way: Durham – speakers wanted

// "We’re not sure where the answers will take us. But we’re certain that we’ll all be on that journey together."

Written by threads

Let me die empty

// I don’t want a half-baked, mediocre life that looks good on paper but is quickly forgotten about months down the...

Written by Ruth Baid

Myth 5: Work sucks! Early retirement is the dream.

// Sat in a taxi at 2am, after another 16-hour day, I wonder what on earth I’m doing with my life.

Written by Jeremy Moses