Why I give money to the homeless

// On seeing a person, not a problem.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

A letter to Sam on helping the poor

// You said you wanted to fall in love with the Church, but I want so much more than that for you.

Written by Jenny Dawkins

Don’t judge me but I’m working class

// And I always thought that was a good thing.

Written by Natalie Collins

I am free to risk

// But let's pray for those who don't have the luxury of that choice. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

Help end trafficking by swapping your clothes

// "We are responsible for our choices and each individual choice adds up to a significant impact."

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Reflections on the G7 summit

// This week's news from the G7 summit is cause for optimism, but there are many questions to be answered.

Written by Tom Bray

So poor, so happy, such rubbish

// It’s a truth universally acknowledged that people living in poverty in developing countries are, yes, very poor, but also really...

Written by Sarah Stone

The gentrification of the Nativity

// "The birth of Christ is dangerous, shocking and uncomfortable."

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Loving the least of these

// What does it mean to bless the poor this Christmas?

Written by Cat Gale

Ebola: a disease fuelled by poverty

// Last week I caught a virus...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Helping Cambodian street children in a way you couldn’t possibly expect

// "Tearfund are working to make villages places people want to stay, and by dealing with the root causes, doing more...

Written by Danny Webster

The gift of spam

// "For countless people in developing countries like Sierra Leone, a few slices of Spam would never be unwanted. Not when...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Blessings in the things that are not

// Blessed are the high net worth individuals for they will fund the social justice initiatives

Written by Emily Bowerman

Can you be a Christian … and be rich?

// God doesn’t want us to be comfortable at the expense of the comfort of others

Written by Hannah Henderson

Is climate change as bad as slavery?

// Over the past few hundred years Christians have a proud record of standing up to some of the great injustices...

Written by Joe Ware

The wall that fear helps to build

// Statistics, news bites, headlines make us feel like we understand. It’s black and white, clear-cut and laid out in a...

Written by Tina Boonstra

Give to Cameron what is Cameron’s?

// The early Christians were all over breaking the law.

Written by Mim Skinner

Food glorious food!

// Hunger and I fell out a long time ago – probably when I was about six and tucking into homemade...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

On the ground in Cyprus

// There is nothing like a bank-closing, savings-confiscating, job-endangering crisis to expose your insecurities.

Written by Bekah Mastris

Is the welfare system Christ-like?

// In short, the UK is skint.

Written by Gareth Streeter