The British Good Samaritan

// In the week we’ve seen the awful conditions and dire need for emergency funds in Syria, we can be proud...

Written by Joe Ware

Why God is a feminist

// Being female is still a huge struggle for survival and dignity in many parts of the world. It’s estimated that...

Written by Amanda Jackson

Salvation by works

// I used to think life was a sordid little waiting room we had to put up with until we died...

Written by Joe Ware

George Osborne’s war on Lazarus

// I find it galling that while the prime minister and chancellor say it’s only fair to cut benefits to unemployed,...

Written by Chris Ware


// Everyone can have enough food IF world leaders act now.

Written by Joe Ware

The diary of a liberal evangelical sceptic, who loves Jesus

// I want to live in a better world and hate religion that gets in the way of that.

Written by Alex White

We need to eat more

// I am always hungry. Anyone who knows me will tell you that.

Written by Hannah Henderson

What’s the point in prayer?

// I pray quite often. But I have to admit, I probably spend more time wondering why I bother.

Written by Sarah Rowe

Conkering injustice and NaNoWriMo

// I’m realising how much focus, determination and faith is required to achieve anything of lasting value.

Written by Jim Atkins

The gold standard

// We come to this world with nothing and certainly leave taking nothing with us, so the point of wealth is...

Written by Tim Costello

‘Our natural instinct is to run away from suffering’

// For the past ten years Ash Barker has lived in the heart of Bangkok's largest slum.

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose