Why the furore over Blurred Lines?

// Last week, five UK universities banned the playing of ‘Blurred Lines’ in campus bars and unions.

Written by Annie Carter

Girl About Town: Can you fall for someone you’ve never met?

// Do you only truly know someone when you've smelt them?

Written by Girl About Town

Ecce homo: the path of male greatness

// To round off our 'male takeover' week, Ben Harding asks where true manhood lies...

Written by threads

20th century boy, 21st century man

// Worried about Jesus 'being your girlfriend'? It's worse than that – he's your bridegroom, bro!

Written by Dave Griffiths

Male vanity and why we need to kill it

// Bearded and smooth, tough and tender, sporty and arty – you can be all and none and still be a...

Written by Dave Griffiths

Why the media’s male stereotyping isn’t that big a deal

// Role models aren’t only found within scripted scenes squeezed into 20 minutes of screen time.

Written by Jonathan Sherwin

Real men don’t drink fruit tea

// Carl Beech kicks off his all-male guest editor week with a challenge to all of us to realise that we...

Written by Carl Beech

Jesus wasn’t a feminist

// Jesus was radical, but he treated women equally to men.

Written by Bethany Moffett

Boy About Town: If I want to date you, then I’ll ask you

// A single guy goes out with a single girl. Is this considered a date?

Written by Boy About Town

Two become one? The great surname conundrum

// Hannah Mudge asks if you take your husband's name if you're letting down the sisterhood?

Written by Hannah Mudge

Girl about town: The talker

// Girl about town's quest for love continues but this time she can't get a word in edgeways. It's just that...

Written by Girl About Town

This is Sparta

// For our 300th post, we asked Carl Beech to tell us just why he loves the epic testosterone-fuelled film 300...

Written by Carl Beech

Three reasons you should ask that girl out

// What if she laughs? What if she rolls her eyes and then makes fun of us with her friends later?...

Written by Cory Copeland

Why do men hate church?

// Maybe it’s all this ‘men hate church’ rubbish.

Written by Jonty Langley