Is ‘self-actualisation’ really the key to success?

// And when it comes to being successful, do we know it when we see it?

Written by Liz Bradley

I think I may be allergic to disappointment

// And that's a problem, because pain and disappointment are part of life.

Written by Christine Gilland

2016 was tough for me, but God is doing a new thing

// God isn't only kind when things are going well.

Written by Amanda Robinson

The five women who made me

// In time for International Women's Day, here's a shout-out to some truly inspiring women.

Written by Amaris Cole

Rahab: prostitute, ancestor of Jesus

// She's not her past; she’s all about her future.

Written by Ruth Clements

I’m not jealous, I’m envious

// My struggle with inter-generational envy.

Written by Simon Wilce

The day Donald Trump taught me to dream big

// A light-hearted take on today's election results.

Written by Amaris Cole

How a spinal cord tumour helped me know God’s goodness

// What I'm learning through suffering, and Mephibosheth's story.

Written by Margaret Stewart

Don’t judge me, but I’m not a history maker

// I was going to do something 'big' for God. Then life happened.

Written by Anya Briggs

Choice and having it all

// The latest in our series on contentment: real choice is hard, requires effort and involves compromise.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

A letter to a friend on risk

// Continuing our series on risk: here's to stepping out into the next adventure.

Written by Simon Wilce

Snowball dreams

// Notes for all those contemplating a new venture with God...

Written by Cris Rogers

Generation stuck

// This is for the people desperate to break out from their walls.

Written by Simon Wilce

This is not how we imagined it

// Words of hope for all those facing disappointment

Written by Amy Turner

5 steps to making a bright idea come to life

// Yes, you've had a great idea - but where to now?

Written by Alex Cameron

When your foster kids arrive by police car

// Would you allow your dreams to be big enough to give a home to the children nobody else dreams of?

Written by Pat Copeland

The importance of dreaming

// What can we do to see our dreams become reality?

Written by Sam Moore

When your dreams aren’t yet a reality

// Three lessons creative beings, and everyone else, should learn.

Written by Sarah Hawkins

Fear versus prayerful concern

// 4 guardrails for sticking with dreams in times of uncertainty

Written by Matt Kepple

Big pond, little fish

// Maybe it wasn’t a dream of yours to change the world, but it was definitely on my bucket list.

Written by Lauren McCredie