Sometimes you get a dream, a vision or an idea. The question is what do you do with it? Do we leave our dreams on one side or do we fan them? I’m so passionate about Jesus, but I wasn’t always like this. It was an encounter with God that lead me to this place. Before my encounter I was rather indifferent. It was like Jesus was a good idea and not a person. But when you meet a person, you encounter their humour, their way of life, their passion, then something changes in us. Friends and I had this dream of a fresh encounter and not just for us, but for our generation.

When I was growing up there was this hill in the town and when it snowed it really snowed on the hill. Deep, deep snow. I would go with my mates and starting at the top would roll a medium-sized snow ball down – by the time it got to the bottom it would have become a huge snow ball. We would then make these massive snow men.

Sometimes, we don’t know why, but ideas and dreams, catch momentum. They grow. There is a spirit moving within them and the next thing we know it’s rolling and we can’t stop it.

Three years ago we had a vision of a new kind of place to encounter God. A place flowing from worship where people could connect worship and justice, prayer and community. Where people could inspire each other, do life together for a weekend and retreat.

We had been dreaming of a generation drawn into the wild of God’s Spirit ablaze with the wildfire of God. A generation sent into the wild of His world with radical love and heavenly power.

We had been dreaming of a gathering that unites a generation in non-stop prayer and adoration with hands-on workshops and practical inspiration. A place we would be listening to His Spirit, learning from each other. United together in our pursuit of His Kingdom on earth.

So we’ve done it.

In 2015 The Pursuit was born and hundreds of people turned up. Now this weekend it’s happening again. The Pursuit is pulled together by a growing bunch of friends. Friends who are passionate about Jesus. Passionate about young adults. Passionate about all playing our part in the Jesus movement.

So what’s exciting me about The Pursuit? YOU excite me. You are invited to come and join the table. Offer yourself. Your ideas. Your dreams. Your hopes. Your heartbreak. The Jesus family really is a family. We all get to be apart of it. There are no sidelines in the family.

I want to encourage you. What are you dreaming about? Dreams can become a reality. Our dreams grow when they are watered and tended. Dreams don’t grow when they’re not allowed to take root.

This is where family and community is key. It’s together that we allow dreams to germinate. It’s in the family that we encourage each other, support each other and push each other.

We cheer each other on and get behind one another.

But it’s also when the Spirit of life, the divine Holy Spirit, the creative spirit, waters and encourages us, that we see growth. And that’s what makes The Pursuit distinct. We together want to see the Spirit and the Jesus community dream together, grow together and see radical new things emerge.

Don’t just dream. Join us.

As part of the ongoing conversation around doubt and faith, threads are appearing at The Pursuit: a four-day, 24-7 worship, prayer, community and justice gathering in Buckinghamshire on the 29 April – 2 May. You can find out more and book your tickets on The Pursuit website, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. 


Written by Cris Rogers // Follow Cris on  Twitter // Cris'  Website

Cris is a writer, pastor, speaker and church visionary. In 2010, Cris planted a church in the poorest area of London with a dream for it to be an explosion of joy within the tower block estate he works. Cris is married with two children.

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