Luminous Dark

// When you follow God in wholehearted obedience, and suddenly your entire world falls apart; when your deepest, most urgent prayers are met with silence – can faith survive?

Written by Alain Emerson

Racist murders and sectarian bombings; why forgiveness still works

// Why the ancient art of forgiveness still has power in 2016

Written by Vicky Noble

Living in the freedom of ‘I don’t know’

// Learning to be okay with not knowing.

Written by Gabby Llewellyn

The Muamba effect

// On the fourth anniversary of #Pray4Muamba, what have we learned?

Written by Sam Lomas

Bowie, Rickman and collective grief

// We look at death and long for more...

Written by Laura Campbell

Beyond death

// Bowie's foray into a dark conversation

Written by Annie Carter

MH17: Is our culture of immortality breeding voyeurs of death?

// "[The tragedy of] MH17 allowed us to release our repressed fascination with mortality."

Written by Robin Ham

Fame, talent and tragedy: Peaches Geldof

// "Perhaps it takes such candidness – and even then it’s only in the form of an interview – for us...

Written by Richard Woodall

Let me die empty

// I don’t want a half-baked, mediocre life that looks good on paper but is quickly forgotten about months down the...

Written by Ruth Baid

Syria: Is this love?

// I am lost in lament for all this death and brokenness. I feel so powerless. Surely there is some alternative...

Written by Paul Rose

Why Thatcher’s funeral was really terribly weird

// A spiritual atheist finds all the pomp, spectacle and ritual of Margaret Thatcher's funeral utterly bizarre.

Written by Lucie Mussett

We don’t want to talk about it

// The Christian world, and more importantly the world of Rick Warren and his family was rocked with the news that...

Written by Rachael Newham

Sunday is coming: the aftermath of Newtown

// Craig Mowrey, one of the local pastors who supported the families of the murdered school children in Newtown, reflects on...

Written by Craig Mowrey

Newtown shootings: a time to groan, take action, then love

// We’re groaning, like we’re in childbirth, and that child is taking an age to come.

Written by Charis Gibson

Bit of a balls-up: 5 things that make testicular cancer easier

// Some situations provide so much natural comedy they make you almost forget you may be making your wife a widow...

Written by Jonty Langley

Why we need to say goodbye to grief

// At some point in our lives all of us will lose someone close to us. A parent. A beloved friend....

Written by James Prescott

We found God in a hopeless place – widowed at 27


Written by Ruthie Davies

Death: His sting and defeat


Written by threads