The 80/20 rule

// 80 per cent good and 20 per cent nonsense - sound like anyone you know?

Written by Andy Flannagan

The seven stars of Instagram you need to follow

// Seven is the perfect number, after all...

Written by Amaris Cole

Celebrities and why the Christian commentariat cares about them

// If we are to be people whose faith affects every part of our lives, it should spill out.

Written by Danny Webster

Is Kim Kardashian patriarchy’s favourite woman?

// Why being #liberated doesn't seem quite all it's made out to be...

Written by Claire Rush

Bowie, Rickman and collective grief

// We look at death and long for more...

Written by Laura Campbell

Zoella: tween idol

// Is the YouTube sensation a good role model?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

The tears of a clown: when comedians hurt

// “Even if you can make a joke out of anything, you can still feel crushingly lonely”

Written by Andrew Horton

A place of greater safety

// Where two or more are gathered online, discussion of Christian leaders’ misdemeanours will be among them.

Written by Vicky Walker

Fame, talent and tragedy: Peaches Geldof

// "Perhaps it takes such candidness – and even then it’s only in the form of an interview – for us...

Written by Richard Woodall

Is it possible to be faithful and famous?

// "There are Christians who are famous and there are famous people who happen to be Christian. The latter are either...

Written by Hannah Kowszun

The sidebar of shame

// You didn’t mean to go there. The site just lured you in. Soon you’re clicking away frantically trying to get...

Written by Ruth Garner

Standing out in a crowd full of attention-seekers

// We don’t have to try to be any bigger, cleverer or more in-yer-face than we are.

Written by Ed Mayhew

Confessions of a former 29-year-old virgin

// How many of us are ashamed to articulate the words ‘I am waiting until marriage’?

Written by Kemi Bamgbose