Instagram. The cause of RSI for many a thumb, and the killer of all time. With 500 million active users, we can’t ignore the photo-sharing platform. This month, even Kanye West and Kate Moss have created an account. Now we’ve tracked the top seven Christian stars of Instagram. Have we missed any? Comment under this article or tell us on Instagram! (And yes, we know what Danny says – and we do agree, but who doesn’t love a well-snapped breakfast?)



Golden domes ✨

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Louis Cole

I don’t suggest following Louis unless you’re absolutely, totally, honestly ok with your everyday life. Louis’ life is just the #dream. He travels the world and shares his adventures so that all of us on the bus home on a cold December night can see him swimming with turtles in Hawaii before driving a Jeep through desert in Dubai. It’s like @DrPimplePopper – another favourite account of mine – you know you shouldn’t watch, but you just can’t look away.


Follow for: #travelinspo

Cassandra and Karl Lokko

I’m sure you’ve all seen THOSE photos of the so-hashtagged “#royalwedding” and if you haven’t then go and Insta-stalk here. Karl is a former gang member who is now a public speaker and charity ambassador – his account is full of inspirational quotes and pictures of Karl with Richard Branson. Cassandra’s bio says: “Without God I am nothing”, and most of her posts give the glory to God. This is the couple to follow.

@cassiex1x and @Karl_Lokko

Follow for: #weddinggoals, fashion and inspiration

Beth Harper
Beth, a speaker at a recent threads event, is a women’s business coach who moved to Birmingham from the States to marry a UK church leader. She’s passionate about women fulfilling their potential, and loves fashion and style. Her page is full of travel, coffee dates and style.


Follow for: Lovely photos! She once said: “Never be afraid to move the furniture to get the right shot.”

Judah Smith

The leader of The City Church shares a little of his life through Instagram, and boy are we glad he does. We knew he was pretty cool when Justin Bieber extolled his virutes, and his Insta does nothing to discredit that. Golf, American football and a whole lot of worship, follow Judah to bring a little more faith to your feed.


Follow for: a super pastor

Ricardo Kaká

A whole lot of football, but also a whole lot of that trademark move: Kaká pointing to the heavens. The attacking midfielder has spoken openly about his faith, and his Insta is no different. It’s so encouraging to see: family, underlined Bible passages and prayer. Kaká is a legend.


Follow for: football and faith


Beulah London

A combined love of fashion and social justice inspired Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan to launch Beulah London, after meeting at HTB. They visited India, where Natasha’s great-grandfather was Viceroy in 1921, and met victims of human trafficking in a government-run safehouse. Their Instagram account is full of their beautiful, luxury goods – as well as the stars who wear them.


Follow for: beautiful images and inspirational quotes


MC Hammer
WHO KNEW. Apparently, MC Hammer became a pastor in the 1990s after a difficult time involving bankruptcy. He says the ‘MC’ now stands for ‘man of Christ’. He now seems to be back on his feet and besties with Kanye West. He snaps his private jets, luxury yachts and dance rehearsals, and it’s a lot of fun to see.


Follow for: nostalgia. Watch those dance videos…


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Amaris has always wanted to be a journalist. Well, apart from the few years she spent longing to be a spy (she even took a GCSE in Russian as all good spies speak the language, or so her teacher said). She works as Digital Content and Communications Manager for the Church of England, but is sure Mi5 will come knocking soon. Amaris enjoys going to the gym far too much but is able to resist the biscuit tin far too little. Her most embarrassing moment was saying: “No probs” to Prince Charles.

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