When a girl can be herself

// We all get to a point in our lives (especially girls) where we try to be perfect.

Written by Ella Dickinson

(In)famous Christian hairstyles of the world

// Because there's nothing we like better than a bit of backcombing...

Written by threads

Is Kim Kardashian patriarchy’s favourite woman?

// Why being #liberated doesn't seem quite all it's made out to be...

Written by Claire Rush

One week, no makeup

// This month we're challenging ourselves to change up our day-to-day routines, consume less and live more thoughtfully. So I'm scrapping my beauty routine.

Written by Christine Gilland

Leave a beauty legacy

// Do we not think we were made in His image? Then why are we hating on our laughter lines and...

Written by Amaris Cole

A hostage to hair removal: time to stop cutting?

// "[A girl's] confidence levels and self-worth shouldn't be inversely proportional to her hair follicle count."

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Why I choose not to wear make-up

// "I choose not to wear make-up, not because I love the way I look but because I decided a while...

Written by Christina Pope

Redeeming Culture in a Digital Age

// "I’m a passionate believer that we need to be ‘incarnational’ in the digital spaces, whether those are specifically ‘Christian’ spaces...

Written by Bex Lewis

How to be a Christian Woman

// "And above all, don’t worry. Stop feeling guilty. God loves you just as you are."

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Why Christian men should tell women they are hot

// "That was the moment when I realised that Christian culture had messed with my head. Of course being told you’re...

Written by Sarah Lewney

Male vanity and why we need to kill it

// Bearded and smooth, tough and tender, sporty and arty – you can be all and none and still be a...

Written by Dave Griffiths

Jesus wasn’t hot

// Jesus probably wouldn't have been cast in a movie to play himself. He wouldn't ave been deemed pretty enough.

Written by Chine McDonald

When I’m 40, I hope I look my age

// If you want to be hot, you definitely need to be young.

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Beauty is a battlefield

// Do we defy the conventions of beauty and just not try anymore, daring the people around us to love us...

Written by Christine Gilland

Don’t call me beautiful on my wedding day

// Like almost every other bride, I’ve been seduced by the lie that I have to look perfect in my wedding...

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

Video: What’s hot?

// What's hot? What's attractive? What's beautiful? Clearly it's all in the eye of the beholder. We took to the streets...

Written by threads

On freedom and armpit hair

// The average woman shaves 7,718 times in her life for an average of 10.9 minutes a-go.

Written by Mim Skinner

The sidebar of shame

// You didn’t mean to go there. The site just lured you in. Soon you’re clicking away frantically trying to get...

Written by Ruth Garner

3 terrible attitudes to hotness that have no place in a smart person’s mind

// Yes, the emphasis our society puts on beauty is disproportionate, but let's not throw the babes out with the bathwater.

Written by Jonty Langley

Beauty and the stretch marks

// This morning, I found myself sitting beside my two-year-old, staring at my phone, with tears streaming down my face.

Written by Charis Gibson