So, I have a confession to make: I’m not such a big sports fan. I know, I know – what a confession to make at a time like this. And as an Australian, as well. I’m obviously some kind of genetic anomaly.

But non-sports fans, take heart! There are ways to enjoy the Olympic season and maybe even get a little bit fitter ourselves, even for those of us with more of a fondness for cinnamon swirls than bicep curls.

If this sounds like you, I’ve provided a little starter list below. Feel free to join in with suggestions in the comments. And if you see me walking down the street with a matcha smoothie, please just smile and let me pass.

1) Be the stair master! (Here’s a gif to help you visualise.) We all know that there are easy ways to get a little bit of exercise into our days, but seriously when WAS the last time we deliberately took the more challenging route on the way to work? Sometimes I find it pays to just get going before my brain has a chance to argue, and then sheer pride kicks in, and ensures I stick it out. No guts, no glory!

2) Become patriotic. The Olympics, to a cynical observer, could be seen as a way to legitimise aggression and nationalism in the 21st century, although I think George Orwell clearly got out of the wrong side of bed on the morning he wrote this essay on the subject. Crikey. Anyway, we all know it actually makes sport a whole lot more fun when you throw in a bit of friendly rivalry. So carefully timetable the sports that represent your team’s best chances, throw a party, wear your team colours, and be a good sport, especially if it’s for the curling – here’s looking at you, Scotland.

3) Celebrate sports luxe. From classic Adidas pool slides to Ivy Park, fashion’s love affair with sport is only going to reach new heights this month. Men and women alike, embrace it! You look great in that leotard. No one needs to know you just went to the gym to get a matcha smoothie at the café.

4) Learn a winner’s dance. Research some moves (we suggest watching this video as a starting point), and practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t matter if your team never even gets to the podium, this is something you can break out ANY time, even the ad breaks, to inject some Olympic spirit into the proceedings.

5) Work smarter. We need to address the cold, hard fact that many of us are working while the Olympics are on and scary articles like this do nothing to comfort us about the fact. It would be nice if we could find a way to stop our office chairs from killing us. One solution is of course, to quit your job, but if that’s a bit extreme, then you can always just walk a bit. Elle suggests walking meetings (just not to the corner shop for bacon sandwiches, natch), but even getting up from your desk every hour to get a drink or chat to a colleague will help. It only takes 30 minutes of walking a day to reduce the risk of a stroke.


This post is part of our week-long series on sport, inspired by our recent event, Sport: What’s the point?

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A small-town Australian, Christine moved to London in 2011 in search of adventure and has never left. She's married to Ben, a Londoner, and has an unnatural obsession with indie magazines, good coffee shops, and the Wimbledon car boot sale. She is one of the co-ordinators and writers for threads, after a brief stint being Delia Smith's body double.

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