Stop leaving evangelism to the professionals

// Acts has a lot to say about non-professional evangelism.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

5 ways to prevent cancer

// Stop googling, and read what a real doctor has to say.

Written by Freddie Pimm

All the single menfolk

// Please tell me what you think about sex, dating, love and marriage.

Written by Vicky Walker

I started a church for chavs

// The final article from our extract from Darren's book, Chav Church.

Written by Darren Edwards

Total football, total Church

// The wisdom of a footballing great as a parable for our role in the Church.

Written by Mike Tyler

Why I may vote ‘Brexit’

// We commissioned two articles to spark some conversation around faith, us and the European Union.

Written by Madeleine Davies

Why I’m voting to ‘remain’

// We commissioned two articles to spark some conversation around faith, us and the European Union.

Written by Tim Wyatt

Job advert: threads coordinator

// Would you like to be the driving force behind the country's best Christian blog?

Written by threads

Adventure, she said

// She stumbled until she was four inches from my face, broke out into a wide-mouthed grin that made her eyes...

Written by Gemma Brown

Reinvent me

// Caitlyn Jenner and the pursuit of wholeness

Written by Annie Carter

Call me Caitlyn

// How ought we to think of and respond to Jenner’s transition? Here are four reflections.

Written by Alastair Roberts

What Caitlyn’s story reveals about women’s bodies

// It’s a truth universally known that women in the public eye must be prepared to have their bodies scrutinised. It’s...

Written by Chine McDonald

What am I like to live with?

// Grow up and tell the truth in love

Written by Clare Thompson


// Where to find help when life is unravelling.

Written by threads

Wanted: a new threads curator

// Come join the fun.

Written by threads

The hot edition


Written by threads

The husband list

// A husband list while sometimes helpful to pull yourself back in line when about to fall for Mr-so-sexy-but-so-not-right, shouldn't become...

Written by Anonymous

Putting the right shirt on

// Wouldn't it be great if people were drawn to me not because of the colour shirt I am wearing, but...

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Label us loved

// I'm a mixed up British Asian guy. My mum speaks Gujarati and my dad speaks Punjabi. They both speak English....

Written by Sanjay Rajo

Stop, collaborate and listen

// What is it about the constant doing that I find so appealing and the call to be still that I...

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde