The sexual position for single Christians

// Being 32 and committing to no sex before marriage for the last few years does propel the eyebrows of new...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

The virginity of Jesus

// Doesn’t the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin mother and that he lived a celibate life suggest that...

Written by Alastair Roberts

How not to have an affair

// I know people who have had affairs. They’re all good people who made stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes leading to irreconcilably-damaged...

Written by Nathan Jones

Why you’re holy – even if you watch porn

// Sex is everywhere. A constant bombardment. I live in Phnom Penh, a deeply sexualised culture with massage parlours on every...

Written by Steve Edwards

Sex saturation, disconnect and healing

// Christians and the Church are particularly known for passing comment, judgement and instruction about sex and pointing the finger at...

Written by Harriet Long

Wedding night fails: tales from the honeymoon suite

// There’s nothing like the pressure on Christians for a perfect marriage night. From the bride of Christ to the love-drunk...

Written by Charis Gibson

Everyone’s talking about it

// ...apart from the Church it seems. So we thought we'd open up the discussion to see what our community thinks...

Written by threads

Elusive inner peace

// In areas of new age we see a smorgasbord of mystical tradition and practice to get to grips with, and...

Written by Helen Bradley

The story of a generation

// I wanted to join the army in order to be that good soldier.

Written by Chine McDonald

I know I’m stressed when…

// I start talking to myself. In plural ‘We need to buy milk, then we're going to...'

Written by threads

Tips for the socially awkward in party season

// Nervous about the work do or spending every night having to socially interact? Here are a few tips for the...

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

Take the peace


Written by threads


// I’m deliberately abandoning the enterprise of making sense of myself. I breathe in, I breathe out. The silence hisses, neither...

Written by Francis Spufford

Bearers of hope in the middle of despair

// Just when the Goliaths of brutality and despair threaten to overbear, we recall threads of hope.

Written by David Smyth

Photos from the frontline

// Four stunning images from army photographer Steve Blake, including his runner-up entries to this year's Army Photographic competition.

Written by Steve Blake

Breaking free from the vultures

// I did not realise that the relationship I had with a guy I'd known for nearly 10 years was abusive...

Written by Jem Oruwari

The humans are dead (the end of history and our last stand)

// Now you, being an informed kind of person, may think that superhitech singing Kiwi robots with killer dance moves and...

Written by Jonty Langley

The future edition

// threads bring you our first online edition including Jonty Langley on why the future isn't set in stone, Paul Kerensa...

Written by threads

Voices of the future

// A smorgasbord of up-and-coming musicians from Bastille to King Charles.

Written by Angeline Liles

Your history is someone else’s future

// The question is not so much will you make history? The real question is: what kind of history will you...

Written by Matt Summerfield