The sidebar of shame

// You didn’t mean to go there. The site just lured you in. Soon you’re clicking away frantically trying to get...

Written by Ruth Garner

3 terrible attitudes to hotness that have no place in a smart person’s mind

// Yes, the emphasis our society puts on beauty is disproportionate, but let's not throw the babes out with the bathwater.

Written by Jonty Langley

Can you be a Christian and… drive a 4×4?

// If we want to buy a really big, expensive, flashy car then isn’t that in God’s plan for us?

Written by Rebecca Baron

Can you be a Christian … and be rich?

// God doesn’t want us to be comfortable at the expense of the comfort of others

Written by Hannah Henderson

Can you be a Christian and buy a diamond ring?

// After promising to myself that I'd never buy an uncertified diamond, I bought two...

Written by Jim Atkins

Can you be a Christian and…


Written by threads

Gluttony: If ‘you are what you eat’ then what are we becoming?

// The only categories of books to experience a recent rise in sales are food and drink, and religion.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

Lust: Is it really all that bad?

// It's his shoulders that are deadly. I'd like to claw at them. I'd like him to push me against a...

Written by Andrea Boden

Boy about town


Written by threads

Envy: Why Facebook is making us all green

// Motherhood is, so far, the worst stage of life for becoming envious. The problem is there will always be someone...

Written by Hannah Silley

Greed: Why more is never enough

// Greed is always there. Greed wants more, no matter what the cost. Greed tells you it's just this once. A...

Written by Matt Crossman

Sloth: Couch potato versus workaholic

// The antidote to laziness is not to work harder. It's easy to work a 70-hour-week and then get ill. Anyone...

Written by Tanya Marlow

When sin becomes too familiar

// A man appears on screen. He has just hacked another human being to death in plain sight in south-east London....

Written by Chine McDonald

Wrath: The divine Hulk-smash

// I repress my anger. I bottle it up like an evil genie; compressing it further and further until there’s some...

Written by Martin Saunders

Pride: Sometimes we must be boastful

// We need to move away from the need to humble others when truly we must focus on humbling ourselves.

Written by Preston Yancey

Top 10 myths about work

// We'll spend about 90,000 hours in the workplace during our lives but we don't hear much about it in church....

Written by threads

Girl about town


Written by threads

Can you be a Christian and still eat meat?

// The choices we make about what we eat directly reflect and impact how we treat other people.

Written by Sarah Rowe

Being harsh with the horny

// I doubt whether it’s a coincidence that the period of my life during which my attitude to sex was at...

Written by Jonty Langley

Don’t ask, don’t tell

// In a 2011 American survey 80% of unmarried 18-29 year olds respondents describing themselves as evangelical had also had sex.

Written by Vicky Walker