In a huge departure from my usual offerings, here’s another ‘thing about books’ to enjoy. Bookshelf Porn is a joyfully innocent collection of images celebrating the many and varied ways in which collections of books can be displayed. Some of them very practical, some not so, some covering huge spaces, some very, very small, and I want all of them in my house. Guess I’ll have to get a house first.

How about some free music to brighten up these frozen mornings? Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) + Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek) = bountiful festive feeling available right here.

Authentic American diner food and atmosphere courtesy of Ed’s Easy American Diner, right on your Great British doorstep. Several franchises throughout the UK and a handful in London, it’s the most fun I’ve had while eating sweet potato fries recently. Take a stash of 20p coins for the jukebox.

Ben Howard singing Oats In The Water in Radio 1’s live lounge has taught me to appreciate non-indulgent guitar solos.

Are you happy the Twilight franchise has come to an end? Robert Pattinson sure seems to be.

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Cambridge-dweller and bicycle-cycler, Angeline enjoys films, books and music. Having completed an internship with Christian Heritage, she’s endeavouring to apply the knowledge that Jesus’ gospel relates to all of life. When not on trains or at gigs, she happily stamps books at the university library.

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