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Amaris has always wanted to be a journalist. Well, apart from the few years she spent longing to be a spy (she even took a GCSE in Russian as all good spies speak the language, or so her teacher said). She enjoys going to the gym far too much but is able to resist the biscuit tin far too little. Her most embarrassing moment was saying: “No probs” to Prince Charles.

5 ways we can all help vulnerable children

// Single? Married? Other? Here are simple ways we can all improve the lives of children waiting to be fostered or adopted.

Written by Home for Good

Are we deserting the Bible?

// New research shows most people wouldn't choose to take a Bible if they were stranded on a desert island today.

Written by Matthew van Duyvenbode

Celebrities and why the Christian commentariat cares about them

// If we are to be people whose faith affects every part of our lives, it should spill out.

Written by Danny Webster

This is my church: how a nightclub changed my life

// A club would have held no fear for Jesus. I think he would have been last to leave.

Written by Luke Rollins

Why I listen to The Archers – despite promising myself I wouldn’t

// It's what's not been said that matters during the trial that's hooked the nation, and there's a lot we can learn from that - whatever our age.

Written by Ruth Clements

Satish Kumar: tonic and prophet

// In the midst of Guardian reader Christianity, Becca reflects on a conversation with Satish Kumar which has challenged her worldview.

Written by Becca Dean

Silence: awkward or golden?

// Learning from the Quaker's discipline of silence.

Written by Steph Scott

When magic interrupts the ordinary

// I'm not a fan on Narnia, but I've been introduced to magical realism.

Written by Becca Dean

The best of Britney

// Double denim, lip syncing and wearing a snake as a necklace. It can only mean one thing: Britney is back.

Written by threads

Can I be a Christian and… shop at Topshop?

// Sir Philip Green has been in the media recently for all the wrong reasons. Should that affect where we shop?

Written by threads

My prayer to tired souls

// I often return to the end of myself at the moment, feeling like I’ve run out of energy, run out of faith. But God comes to me, giving “strength for today and hope for tomorrow”.

Written by Amy Turner

Running through the wall

// I've never been a runner. In fact, I'm fairly sure I'm allergic to treadmills.

Written by Daniel Jones

When Doctor Who taught us to forgive

// “The only way anyone can live in peace is if they're prepared to forgive. Why don't you break the cycle?”...

Written by Joanna Wright

What’s my dream?

// Having the liberty to dream, allowing ourselves the freedom to dare to dream and discover the things that make our...

Written by Pete Waugh

Fashion and female frailty

// Fitness has never been more fashionable.

Written by Amaris Cole

The secret doubt garden

// "Faith doesn’t eliminate questions, but it knows where to take them."

Written by Amaris Cole

6 ways to save the world

// Saving the world sounds like a lot of effort.

Written by Amaris Cole

Leave a beauty legacy

// Do we not think we were made in His image? Then why are we hating on our laughter lines and...

Written by Amaris Cole

Cancer, courage and changing the world

// "The NHS carry out more than 18,000 mastectomies a year. Angelina Jolie wasn't the first to get one and she...

Written by Amaris Cole