‘Twas a month before Christmas

And all through the land

Mad dashing and prancing

The party people did plan


30 days to go, and oh how I wish it was just one

Christmas is coming, and OH – such fun!


Carols and rhymes and stories we know

From headphones, chambers and maybe even a show

Baby Jesus, Princess Elsa, Tiny Tim and co

Are the cast of the season with or without snow

We send cards and gifts wrapped up in bright bows

And squeal over Santa’s secrets now told


We make time for each other, in a way that’s unique

A week of Saturdays to rest, ponder and yep, eat

Turkey with all the trimmings – or quorn for the veggies

A time to eat, drink and be merry (sorry: I had to put that in there)

Mistletoe kisses we lovingly sneak, with

Fireside treats in our hands and fluffy socks on our feet


To tell you the truth,

I am one of the greatest Christmas-enthusiasts of all,


This isn’t why I love Christmas,

No, not at all.

These things are no more than accoutrements or habiliments or instruments, even

To something much greater, which was there first and will be later

Love come to Earth, God revealed to man

Darkness pierced by unquenchable light

The promise of cries, laughs, silence and questions understood



So however you choose to celebrate this great story

I hope you find love, peace and lots of joy

A celebration of a great hope

Unreliant on tinsel, choirs or cinnamon-scented soap.

Image credit: Justin in SD via flickr cc

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