I remember being told once that angels don’t sing.

That nowhere in the Bible does it describe angels as singing.

And you know what? Technically, they’re right. While Christmas cards and carols might depict angels as singing, the Bible doesn’t say that they do.

But you know what? It doesn’t say that they don’t, either!

So please allow me a bit of latitude. The angels I see when I close my eyes and picture them
appearing to the shepherds on the hills….they’re singing.

I find it harder to imagine a great company of angels (whatever number that is, but it sounds like a lot!) just speaking the words found in Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests.”

Speaking those words seems so…boring, doesn’t it?

The greatest news that had ever been announced.

Life-changing. World-transforming.

Hosts of angels dispatched to bring the news.

Excuse me. But my angels are singing.

Written by Simon Lang

Follower of Jesus, husband, father, pastor of Neighbourhood Church Beckenham (a growing bunch of imperfect and ordinary people, who love God, want to get to know him better, and are seeking to be the people that God has made them to be), and part of the team at Insight for Living UK.

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