In many ways the Christmas story is so….ordinary.

Yeah, I know there are the angels, the virgin birth and the incarnation and all that.

But take those out and it is ordinary people going about ordinary life.

Take Zechariah for example.

He was just carrying out his priestly duties.

He probably lived in the hills somewhere outside of Jerusalem. It was his division’s rotation at the temple. He’s just doing what he was supposed to be doing. The ordinary.

And an angel appeared.

Mary. Well we don’t know what she was doing. Washing clothes? Sweeping? Day-dreaming about her future with Joseph? The ordinary.

And an angel appeared.

Joseph. He was just sleeping. I mean, how much more ordinary can you get?

And an angel appeared.

So much of the Christmas story just happens in the ordinary.

Never think your life is too…ordinary.

All too often, God works the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

Written by Simon Lang

Follower of Jesus, husband, father, pastor of Neighbourhood Church Beckenham (a growing bunch of imperfect and ordinary people, who love God, want to get to know him better, and are seeking to be the people that God has made them to be), and part of the team at Insight for Living UK.

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