Being a creative person can be both an incredible adventure and a great struggle.

“True creativity does not come easily; creativity is born of risk and refined from failure.”
Erwin McManus.

As someone who can’t deny that they’re a creative person, I have recently thought of three things that I feel are crucial in the assistance of life as a creative. Community, conversation and rest.

  1. Community

We were created for community! We weren’t put on this planet to be on our own, so we definitely weren’t designed to be creative on our own, either.

Community brings people together from all walks of life. We don’t always have to be with people when we’re creating, but we do need to surround ourselves with other creative people throughout this journey. So if you’re a writer, why not go and hear a musician’s creativity and create a story from their melody. If you’re a painter, go spend some time with a filmmaker and see what happens to your painting afterwards. Find new inspiration in another creative’s field.

I think social media is an incredible resource, however there is something that’s missing, something that can only be found when you meet up with people face to face, and that’s authenticity.

Authenticity is key in creativity. So surround yourselves with people who are authentic, who will be honest and humble. Being creative may find you in a vulnerable place. Make sure you find people who will love and support you in your creativity. Creativity is an extension of the soul.

Rivalry and competition will get us nowhere. So let’s compliment and not compete.

  1. Conversation

It’s good to talk and it’s good to listen. On numerous occasions I have found myself engaging with other creative people and have felt such a buzz afterwards.

It’s important to receive feedback and it’s important to give opinions. We must be wise with the words spoken over creative people. These words need to be supportive, constructive and words of integrity.

  1. Rest

“And on the seventh day God ended His work  that He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work that He had made.” Genesis 2:2

God rested from creating so we should too.

Society tells us that we need all the latest technology, we must keep up with the latest trends and feeling we have to reply to messages within seconds.

We live in an incredibly busy and fast paced society. As a creative person, it’s sometimes hard to stop. Creativity has endless possibilities, but we must also rest.

Rest can restore, re-energize and even inspire us in our next creative endeavor. So let’s take time to rest. God may even show you the next creative adventure you need to embark on. Go and enjoy Creation as God created it – He’s a pretty great designer to aspire to.

Written by Sarah Hawkins // Follow Sarah on  Twitter // Sarah's  Website

Sarah loves being a creative person. She is a part-time graphic designer for both her church and an incredible charity that helps children recover from trauma. Sarah loves doodling continuous line illustrations, taking lots of photographs and listening to music

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