I hate that 28 per cent of voters backed their goals.

I hate the way they label every migrant as a threat;

I hate to see them prey on people’s basic fears. And yet:

I hate that they appeal to those who harbour racist views;

I hate it when they plaster Nigel’s face across the news.

I hate to hear two thirds of the electorate didn’t vote;

I hate the fact that Labour and Lib Dems have missed the boat.

I hate it that we failed to act, back when we had the time;

But most of all, I hate that they’ve inspired this wretched rhyme.


And having got that off my chest and put it down in verse;

I wonder, does this poem help or simply makes things worse?

Instead of rants and raving, I should speak the truth in love;

Act as shrewdly as a serpent but as gently as a dove.

Because when it comes to UKIP, it’s so easy to attack;

But could there be better weapons to deploy as we fight back?

Perhaps part of the solution involves raising more awareness

on the immigration question, and the need for total fairness.

So let’s carry on discussing, let’s keep talking and debating;

But we need to do it graciously. Enough of all this hating.


*A hat-tip to one of my favourite films, Ten Things I Hate About You.

Written by Tomi Ajayi // Follow Tomi on  Twitter

Nigerian-born but northern-bred, Tomi works in the media team of an international development NGO in London, telling stories about the people at the heart of the fight against poverty. She spent most of 2014 living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Tomi suffers from chronic procrastination and has yet to master the art of time-keeping. She occasionally dabbles in poetry writing: her secret ambition is to be Britain’s first limerick laureate.

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