• Christine Gilland
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    A small-town Australian, Christine moved to London in 2011 in search of adventure and has never left. She's married to Ben, a Londoner, and has an unnatural obsession with indie magazines, good coffee shops, and the Wimbledon car boot sale. She is one of the co-ordinators and writers for threads, after a brief stint being Delia Smith's body double.

  • Eve Balshaw
    | https://greatcommission.co.uk/4

    Eve is a military kid, who really struggles with the question ‘where are you from?’. Having graduated in both Theology and Design in Durham, she now lives in London, and is passionate about creativity, seeing God's kingdom come, and anything that involves cheese and/or gin.

  • Thomas McConaghie
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    Thomas is a former coordinator for threads. He's an elder in his local church (Village Church Belfast), working on a Phd in urban planning and geeks out on football.