Spring forward, clocks back. Hands up who was late for church on Sunday morning? As always, it’s been a busy month at threads. We’ve had 26 new posts and are working on two events before the summer. First – Lean Out. This one’s for our female readership who are interested in chatting about what it means to take the time to choose what success means to you, and pursuing those dreams wholeheartedly – whether that means making brave choices to leave your industry and embark on something new, or finding a greater sense of balance and worth in the job you currently have. And then in May, we’re stoked to be hosting an as-yet-unannounced evening looking at activism – stay tuned!

But that’s enough of that. The point of this monthly roundup is to let you in on some of the things that have been inspiring, ticking, challenging and provoking us at threads HQ.

1. You may want to marry my husband

This is probably the most poignant article of the month. In and of itself, it’s beautiful. That the author passed away less than two weeks after its publication amplifies the sense of pathos.

2. The most unsatisfying video ever made

Warning: the perfectionists among us may need to look away.

3. Internet warriors

Not a comfortable watch/read by any means. Indeed, this link might be one to stay away from if you’re not comfortable with swearing. It doesn’t get to the bottom of issues, but asks questions of those who feel the need to vent toxic opinions online.

4. Dog fails at Crufts, wins at life

Jumping over things and running in the right away is so overrated, anyway.

5. A theory about millennials you haven’t heard before

This has significantly shaped the vision here at threads … an incredibly urgent message to church leaders.

6. The Radiohead prophecies

That OK Computer turned 20 last week (!) is bad enough, that it managed to predict what the world would be like is nothing short of terrifying – like Black Mirror terrifying. It hasn’t aged once and Thomas hasn’t stopped listening to it all week, which might explain why he looks so unhappy.

7. Waiting for the wave

This is a clip from an interesting looking movie called, HUMAN, which you may or may not have seen. It looks environmentally, if that’s a word. This is hypnotising.

8. Picture of the month

This one was from the Guardian’s Best Photographs of the Day. 

9. Tweet of the month

This one only popped up a few days ago and technically it’s the content of the tweet rather than the tweet itself. Either way, it’s brilliant.

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