1. 10 things single people wish married people wouldn’t say

Coming straight in at number one, this blog by Kate Wharton – posted only last week – has smashed all our previous records. Some were riled by it, and some nodded profusely at its true-to-lifeness. And everyone loves a list.

2. Singleness: what’s all the fuss about?

It’s ironic that in this the second of a number of entries about relationships, Mim Skinner implores us to stop rabbiting on about them.

3. I wish every church said this

A vision of what every church sign should say. Proper feel-good stuff.

4. 4. Is heavy petting sex?

Well, is it? Lots of you wanted to find out, it seems.

5. No more page three

Carl Beech feels like a man at war as he urges us to start fighting the porn cancer that’s eating at the hearts of men.

6. This is church

The music’s awful, the sermons don’t teach you anything, writes Nathan Jones.

7. Girl About Town: Where are all the fun Christian guys?

So what is it about Christian men? Why are they so buttoned-up and proper? Our Girl About Town’s desperate plea for some not-so-straight-laced Christian men.

8. The future of porn

It’s not new, but it’s only a matter of time before those assessing the damage realise how deeply and negatively porn is affecting our generation.

9. Holy and horny

More stuff on sex. Christians aren’t obsessed. Really…

10. Three reasons you should ask that girl out

Cory Copeland swoops in like a Yank in shining armour to give some much-needed advice to our British Christian boys.

11. Wedding night fails

The night you’d been waiting for has finally arrived… Sorry, more stuff on sex.

12. What living with room-mates taught me about marriage

No sermon, prep class or relationship can teach you more about marriage than brushing your teeth next to your room-mates, writes Lyndsey Graves.

13. Let’s move into a time of shut-up

Jonty Langley gets angry – and hilarious – in this blasting of worship time clichés.

14. Confessions of a single British guy

Danny Webster leads the British fightback.

 15. Why do men hate church?

Maybe it’s all that ‘men hate church’ rubbish…

16. The Top Gear approach to church

Go paintballing, drive to the beach, tell jokes, and most importantly, be infectious. Jamie Cutteridge says church should be a bit more like Top Gear.

17. Outside looking in

Katharine Welby wants church to be a bit more inclusive. Some people disagreed…

18. The six side effects of salvation

Before you became a Christian, the idea of writing a Christian cover of One Direction’s That’s What Makes You Beautiful called Jesus’s Love is Beautiful would have seemed, quite frankly, awful.

19. Girl About Town: Flirt to convert

Our Girl About Town gets herself in a tizz when she falls for Atheist Boy.

20. Wanted: a Christian guy for Miss 29

She’s trying to go on 30 dates with 30 different guys before she’s turned 30. Atheist Miss 29 asks for our help in finding her a Christian.

PS, just in case you’re wondering. We don’t just post about sex and dating and critique the Church. Over the past year, we’ve posted stuff on Girls Aloud, Les Mis and whether Christians can drive 4x4s, about Starbucks and tax-dodging, about a monkey in a tux and Mad Men. We’ve written about Jimmy Savile, feminism, food injustice and the BBC.

Happy birthday to us!

What else would you love to see on threads? 

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