1. Who is a leader?

 At number one with over twice as many views as the next article, Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas (and Jesus) suggests real leaders are real followers.

2. Girl about town: Can you fall for someone you’ve never met?

Girl about town fell for someone who lived three and a half hours away. On a plane. Can’t be a bad idea… can it? Do you only truly know someone when you’ve smelt them?

3. A better way for marriage: when you find someone else attractive

Hannah and Phil Green talk us through how they’ve dealt with meeting other people they’ve found attractive. It’s a very real issue and the Green’s advice here is rather helpful. – Be aware of each other’s insecurities – tell someone, not each other – work at your irresistibility.

4. Can you be a Christian and… eat kit kats?

Along with Christian Aid, threads hosted a series entitled Can I be a Christian and … In this article, Jim Atkins is commending our willingness to engage in social justice. Yet, in and of itself, boycotting doesn’t work, doesn’t change anything and is lazy campaigning.

5. Real men don’t drink fruit tea

We are all deeper and more complex than might appear on the surface. Do we pigeonhole people? Carl Beech asks what it means to be a ‘real man’.

6. My wife is not the only hot woman on earth

A polarizing one for many, Jonty Langley suggests we’re likely to meet hotter people than our significant others. If we prepare accordingly, our marriages will be even stronger.

7. Can you be a Christian not be a feminist?

So much of the world doesn’t treat women with that human dignity. Claire Jones doesn’t reckon it’s too strong to argue that you can’t be a Christian without being a feminist.

8. Why we shouldn’t ‘wait until marriage.’

The very phrase ‘waiting until marriage’ is impatient; it is unfulfilled. Celibacy is defined by what it is, not by what it isn’t. Katie Stock challenges us as young Christians, to make sure our identity is defined by God and not a lack of sex.

9. Why I’m happy to marry an atheist

I’m happy to marry an atheist. Because jesus didn’t care so much about whether you went to the temple or followed a ritual. He cared whether you stopped to help those people who have been forgotten by the side of the road. God loves Mis Anon’s fiancé, why can’t she?

10. Has evangelism been forgotten?

Another great piece from Carl Beech. Finding the lost is old-school language, but it seems Jesus talked about it a lot. Why not anymore? Have we lost confidence in the fact that the simple proclamation of the gospel has the power to radically transform lives? Have we stopped telling people about jesus?

11. If God invented sex, how come it’s so complicated?

El Edwards. We’re taught how difficult it can be if youre having sex when youre not married. What no one ever told us is how complicated sex can be when you’re married. I assumed everything would be a piece of cake. Sex post-marriage? Where’s the conversation?

12. Girl about town’s guide to tinder

Tinder made quite a fuss back when it came out. Girl about town has done the research and given her advice on the whole matter.

13. Divorced, Christian and twenty-something

Naomi rose Steinberg beautifully unpacks the pain and anguish of a broken marriage. How do we deal with pain when it all falls apart? Where do we go? Or more importantly, how do we respond to our friends when theyre going through difficulties? Incredibly helpful.

14. 20-somethings: you’re asking the wrong questions

Our twenties will one day draw to a close and guess what? You’ll still have questions. Stu Bothwell unpacks a prevalent issue amongst 20s & 30s. The most popular piece of the summer.

15. How to be a Christian woman

Hannah Malcolm presents a manifesto on womanhood. Don’t worry too much about it.

16. When you know, you know: why I got engaged on my second date

Cheryl Cole married her man after three months of dating. Here’s why Christians should get married.

17. So you want to get married? Take your time…

No joke, this is the next most read piece after the one above. Here’s a different take on Cheryl’s quick engagement.

18. The Great Gatsby

One of last year’s biggest movies had many of you wondering about the value of human relationships. Angeline Liles provided her take on what happens when the party fades.

19. Why I’ll never be a Pinterest mum

Anya Briggs reminds us that I love shouldn’t be interchangeable with I’m addicted to. Is our culture constantly setting too high a bar for real happiness? What about the joy found in the normality of life? Let’s celebrate that.

20. No sex talk, please, I’m a Christian

Steve Edwards gets honest about the difficulties of working in a place where being a Christian isn’t valued. And being a single Christian is even worse.

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