Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

// Learning to choose to worship God in the humdrum of daily life.

Written by Charlotte Cameron

Why private worship might be more important than public worship

// Are we the same behind closed doors?

Written by Levi Phillips

Football: the unknown God

// Football has a strange power. Some people even say it’s their religion.

Written by Mike Tyler

What it’s like to be … the worship leader’s guitar

// We've kicked off our new 'What it's like to be ...' series with a look at the worship leader's guitar.

Written by Emily Sturgess

A rebellious declaration

// Reflections on the inaugural Pursuit gathering

Written by Rob Peabody

Good vibrations

// "... frequency, vibration and resonance are all perfectly planned by a perfect creator as part of our creative make up."

Written by Emma Fowle

National Geographic: my monthly fix of worship

// Worship is a whole-life thing. But it's important to embrace the 'special experiences' too.

Written by Phil Green

The Last Supper and simple songs

// Have you ever wondered about the hymn that Jesus and the disciples sang together at the Last Supper?

Written by Jimmy Cooke

3 Christian paradoxes that’ll help you worship

// The Bible is a complex and at times difficult collection of books...

Written by Sam Hailes

Notes on a women’s conference

// Women I don’t know are staring into my eyes, saying things like: “You’re an amazing woman of God”.

Written by threads

We are all worshippers

// "One more thing..." says the executive. A new gadget is revealed. The press go wild. The internet buzzes. "Take my...

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

How Instagram shows we were born to praise

// "It's not enough to just know something is good, we need to let it be known."

Written by Robin Ham

6 side-effects of salvation

// When you become a Christian, the ratio of hoodies to other types of clothes in your wardrobe will rise dramatically....

Written by Mim Skinner

Let’s ‘cha cha slide’ for Jesus: The rise of prescriptive worship

// If the whole church that was singing ‘we bow down’ actually bowed down, it would be carnage; we’d have to...

Written by Mim Skinner

Worship who?

// The amount of energy we put into sustaining a cyclical pattern of meetings, worship sets and ultimately a wider Christian...

Written by Dave Griffiths

Let’s move into a time of shut up

// Three worship clichés that make non-violence a challenge.

Written by Jonty Langley