Myth 7: Low-paying or low status work is an assault on my dignity.

// When the temp agency offered me a "high-level, interesting and socially responsible" job, it sounded great.

Written by Caroline Challis

Phnom Penh princesses: broken girls

// “Not one of these girls wants to be here."

Written by Steve Edwards

7 ways to go into business with God, not Lord Sugar

// God wants to ensure your success, and will - if you let Him.

Written by Jonathan Bender

Myth 6: We work to earn money, so you may as well earn as much of it as possible

// Can we really be free from the pressure to earn more, more, more? Or are we just kidding ourselves when...

Written by threads

The weight of values

// I became aware of the weight of carrying an identity that was not my own.

Written by Sheila Mburu

Myth 5: Work sucks! Early retirement is the dream.

// Sat in a taxi at 2am, after another 16-hour day, I wonder what on earth I’m doing with my life.

Written by Jeremy Moses

Greed: Why more is never enough

// Greed is always there. Greed wants more, no matter what the cost. Greed tells you it's just this once. A...

Written by Matt Crossman

Sloth: Couch potato versus workaholic

// The antidote to laziness is not to work harder. It's easy to work a 70-hour-week and then get ill. Anyone...

Written by Tanya Marlow

Myth 3: ‘Rest is an inefficient use of time’

// Why spend your evenings moulding the sofa to your backside when you could be getting in some overtime for a...

Written by Pete Curran

Myth 2: ‘If I’m not happy at work, I must be in the wrong job and should just quit’

// At university, I was so busy consuming curries and trying to impress girls with my guitar that I never really...

Written by Tom Marshall

Myth 1: ‘My faith is a liability at work. If I want to progress and do well I need to keep it private.’

// Christine Woolgar kicks off our new series tackling the top 10 myths about work.

Written by Christine Woolgar

Big pond, little fish

// Maybe it wasn’t a dream of yours to change the world, but it was definitely on my bucket list.

Written by Lauren McCredie

Why you shouldn’t follow your dreams

// We won’t change the world by each trying to be a one-man band, following our own dream.

Written by Jude Munday

Zapping time

// As a polymath with a low boredom threshold and a butterfly brain, when I’m doing some dull administrative task there...

Written by Bex Lewis

The busyness conundrum

// I remember a simpler time, when I didn't have to pay someone to slap me for being unproductive in order...

Written by Dan Preston