Is there such a thing as a truly informed voter?

// It feels like the more knowledge you have about politics, the less certain anything is.

Written by Tim Wyatt

As we vote

// A prayer for the United Kingdom.

Written by Joanna Callender

How would Jesus vote?

// Another voting season, more questions as to who to vote for.

Written by John Coleby

In praise of opposition

// If politics becomes only about winning, then there's a danger that opposition becomes a loser's game.

Written by Matt White

Referendum reflections: we did this 

// If I rush to caricature those in my communities who hold different opinions, I stop seeing them as my neighbours.

Written by Matt White

The EU referendum: remain or leave?

// We commissioned two writers, one who's voting to stay and one who's not as sure.

Written by threads

Why I may vote ‘Brexit’

// We commissioned two articles to spark some conversation around faith, us and the European Union.

Written by Madeleine Davies

What we can learn from Beni Johnson’s support for Donald Trump?

// Using the Bethel pastor's eight reasons for her support for Trump to reconsider our own politics and how we decide where to place our vote.

Written by David Barclay

Notes from a first-time voter

// On the eve of the London Mayoral Church Hustings, we ask a first-time voter to share her story...

Written by Gemma Klopper

#GE2015: the post-match report

// 9 reflections.

Written by David Binder

Voting with your feet

// Beyond the ballot box... There's more to political engagement than voting.

Written by Danny Webster

Why it’s OK to vote for the best of a bad bunch

// Politics is messy.

Written by Anonymous

3 things I learned at my first hustings

// At this stage, it isn’t news that there’s a general election in a few weeks.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

You are not what you buy

// "Jesus laid down a blueprint – we’re here to contribute, to serve, to give abundantly and sacrificially."

Written by Thomas McConaghie

I don’t know who to vote for

// ... but that doesn't mean I'm not voting.

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Show up or shut up

// New victims are being created every day, but as the Church we will be stuck treating victims for the next...

Written by Andy Flannagan

Inequality is boring

// If Bill gates were to spend one million dollars every single day, it would take him 218 years until he...

Written by Jonty Langley

Who would Jesus vote for?

// With Christians seemingly spread across the political spectrum, how do I use my vote in a Christ-like way?

Written by Amelia Abplanalp