95 reasons the world won’t fall apart

// 500 years after the Reformation, we need to remember that unity looks like something.

Written by Dan Preston

Referendum reflections: we did this 

// If I rush to caricature those in my communities who hold different opinions, I stop seeing them as my neighbours.

Written by Matt White

A rebellious declaration

// Reflections on the inaugural Pursuit gathering

Written by Rob Peabody

A night at the Village Vanguard

// How a night at New York's most famous jazz bar helped me understand the diversity and unity in the Church.

Written by Stu Bothwell

The H word

// How fear of being labelled a hater is affecting expression of, and difference of opinion.

Written by Annie Carter

Shouting over the music

// "There are always a few party poopers. They’re invited, of course, but they don’t seem to be having fun. What’s...

Written by Vicky Walker

Pirate partners or minions?

// Often I rely upon my creator to give me my orders like some cosmic gamer in the sky

Written by Cris Rogers

Faith, homosexuality and why we need to listen more

// We must not lose sight of the seriousness of this subject and its personal relevance to many Christians' lives.

Written by Luke Aylen

Unity hurts

// The thought of holding hands, sitting round a camp fire and singing 'kumbaya' with Nick Griffin absolutely fills me with...

Written by Chine McDonald

The face of unity

// There is, it seems, only so much truth in the world and only so many people can be right concerning...

Written by Preston Yancey

Let’s get rid of ethnic churches

// I would find it odd going to a Church of Women, a Manchester United Supporters' church, the Church of the...

Written by Chine McDonald

Love: it’s an act of will

// The unspoken rule is that there are some people it's just ok to bitch about.

Written by Ruth Mawhinney