What we loved in June

// Our monthly wrap-up of articles, videos and quotes that inspired us this month.

Written by threads

The ‘always-on’ mentality vs. Sabbath

// How to reclaim Sabbath in a culture that doesn't value rest

Written by Guy Brandon

Connected … but alone

// We're expecting more from technology and less from each other.

Written by Charlotte Hendy

Social media, your habits and faith

// Because habits are powerful.

Written by Guy Brandon

Go to church? Why can’t I just listen to a podcast?

// Ok, here's why - and no, I’m not anti-technology. I’m just pro-community.

Written by Andy Tilsley

How would you rate yourself?

// Reflecting on the first episode of the latest season of Black Mirror and the implications for our faith.

Written by Cat Caird

Can I be a Christian and have an iPhone 7?

// Would Jesus have an iPhone?

Written by Annie Carter

Have we finally got over our profile pictures?

// What changing trends in instant messaging tell us about our desire to connect online.

Written by Cat Caird

Why aren’t millennials reading the Bible?

// To kick off our week-long series celebrating the NIV's 50th anniversary, guest curator, Becky Miles suggests three reasons for the low levels of engagement with scripture.

Written by Becky Miles

5 surprising joys from a Wi-Fi-free holiday

// It’s the epitome of ‘first world problems’, enough to make a quivering wreck out of your average millennial.

Written by Robin Ham

The 10 best apps for Christians

// From Bibles to reminders, we list our must-need apps for Christians in the 21st Century.

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

I’m being suffocated by my iPhone

// "I'm married to my wife, not my smartphone"

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Do not read this


Written by Andy Flannagan

Girl About Town’s Guide to Tinder

// Everyone's at it.

Written by Girl About Town

I’m not addicted to my mobile

// Give up my phone for 24 hours? I don't think so.

Written by Felicity Cowling

Why social media has become the new narrator

// Thousands of stories are being uploaded and published daily, frame by frame, tweet by tweet, onto the pages of the...

Written by Jess Trigg

Five ways to glorify God with technology

// From the garden to the city: the redeeming and corrupting power of technology (John Dyer).

Written by Angeline Liles

Talking bookcases, Great Gatsby garments and revisionist Google Earth

// Angeline Liles brings us her pick of the week...

Written by Angeline Liles

Gadget heaven

// All of a sudden some of the events and technology characterised by films such as Minority Report don’t look that...

Written by Aaron Gibson