What to do when you get cancer at 21

// There is potential that the suffering of the journey is not a means to an end, but a real place of discovery of both God and our identity in God.

Written by Gillian Straine

How a spinal cord tumour helped me know God’s goodness

// What I'm learning through suffering, and Mephibosheth's story.

Written by Margaret Stewart

Racist murders and sectarian bombings; why forgiveness still works

// Why the ancient art of forgiveness still has power in 2016

Written by Vicky Noble

Authentic faith

// I’m looking to live out a faith that’s real.

Written by Dave Luck

On suffering

// An Easter reflection

Written by Alexandra Davis

Earplugs & radiation: what’s the point of prayer?

// "I don’t have faith that God will grant each one of my requests."

Written by Jonty Langley

How you deal with pain

// Bad stuff happens to good people... we need a good theology of suffering.

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Why suffering?

// "Oftentimes we wish we could take suffering out of our world while keeping everything else the same. But it doesn’t...

Written by Dr Vince Vitale

A bumpy ride

// Are obstacles actually key for our growth?

Written by Esther Andrews

I’m no hero

// Nobody likes to receive love from someone who is poured out.

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Watching the world fall apart

// "Truth is, sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by the scale of people's suffering that I want to run and hide."

Written by Tomi Ajayi

The Hillsborough tragedy: when hurt breaks through and unites

// "This sense of unabashed sincerity and togetherness, is something which cannot be undone by terror. In their sadness, people see...

Written by Richard Woodall

Take a walk on the dark side

// "Perhaps we need to enter into our own darkness, to acknowledge the shame we feel and allow ourselves to be...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Beyond redemption?

// "Redemption begins with remorse and repentance, so clearly Lee Rigby’s killers have a very, very long journey ahead. And who...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Finding out I’m faulty

// "I know that God knew I would be like this and would see me through it. But I feel like...

Written by Charis Duckworth

When suffering won’t go away

// "As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said: “Where God tears great gaps we should not try to fill them with human words.”

Written by Luke Barrs

That is why the world hates you

// Hate is such a strong word.

Written by Emilia Ramirez-Vidal


// “How can you believe in a God that allows suffering?”

Written by Sara Guy

When it all gets hazy

// The way I see it, we can hang an awful lot on whether Jesus rose from the dead. See, if...

Written by Luke Briggs

The story of Ian & Larissa

// An amazing story of love conquering adversity.

Written by threads