What is an evangelical?

// Evangelicalism is not so much about drawing boundaries and deciding who is in or out. Rather, it is a dynamic movement, calling people to the standard or banner of the King of Kings.

Written by Peter Lynas

Where is our transformative influence?

// And are we believing in a selfish gospel?

Written by Freddie Pimm

When is enough, enough?

// There's always enough in our God. Part of our series on food waste, written by our friends at Tearfund.

Written by Julia Kendal

Activists, let’s hear the call of King Jesus

// Beyond all my twelve-point plans, I want there to be a heart change.

Written by Christine Gilland

When the sun and the wind had a fight

// Love is such a remarkably stronger force than power, that it’s a wonder more people don’t choose it.

Written by Andy Tilsley

Pretty hurts

// I want my daughters to grow up in a world where human lives are valued as equal.

Written by Lucy Steels

Think on these things

// How does Christ shape our thinking in this age of post-truth?

Written by Annie Carter

The NHS: Britain’s greatest example of God’s grace

// A doctor’s view on how, despite the current crisis, the NHS is an example of Jesus’ upside down example.

Written by Freddie Pimm

How can the Church survive our post-truth society?

// The questions I'm asking after watching Hypernormalisation.

Written by Dave Magill

Grace: counter-culturalism in action

// The grace we read about, or know in our heads, pales beside grace in action.

Written by Mike Harvey

Is Christianity too middle class?

// We're squeamish about discussing class and church, but it needs to be talked about.

Written by Hannah Mudge

The pursuit of ‘happyness’

// Happiness is a fallacy. Yes, you read that right. Here's the latest in our series on contentment.

Written by Cristine Edusi

Confession: I hurt the Church

// And I'll be the first to admit it.

Written by Jared Ruttenberg

When priorities change

// How do we stop our passion for Jesus fading?

Written by Gavin Calver

The day I met ‘the refugee crisis’

// And she has perfectly painted nails

Written by Sarah Stone

Both in God’s image

// Why the Church must help stop sexual violence against women

Written by Elisa Pike

Is Kim Kardashian patriarchy’s favourite woman?

// Why being #liberated doesn't seem quite all it's made out to be...

Written by Claire Rush

Confessions of a ‘leftie’ married to a ‘rightie’

// What happens when the one you love, loves David Cameron?

Written by Becky Miles

Sunday shopping: the pursuit of happiness

// Longer working hours, more money and encouraging consumerism might not be the best way to build strong communities, stable families...

Written by Andy Tilsley

WWJD? Stick it to the Man

// "I’m not suggesting we let ourselves be consumed by the burden of injustice, but I wish I had more of...

Written by threads