Dating apps and discipleship

// "More people from more places connected in more ways must be good. Right?"

Written by Claire Jones

The importance of being publicly crap on Instagram

// There is nothing that pushes the inadequacy buttons ...

Written by Mim Skinner

150 days too many

// Have you forgotten me? It’s been 150 days. I’m still missing. Imprisoned. Gone. Do you even know my name?

Written by Claire Rush

How Instagram shows we were born to praise

// "It's not enough to just know something is good, we need to let it be known."

Written by Robin Ham

Cynical sarcasm? Put a sock in it

// "Debate is one thing, cynicism is another. It often seems that anything new and fresh gets slaughtered on Twitter."

Written by Carl Beech

Slacktivism: Does it work?

// "The connectivity of the internet has a power: it can build and sustain communities, it can raise awareness of issues...

Written by Hannah Swithinbank

The Jesus of my own making

// "If I wasn’t a follower of Jesus and I was looking in on the Twitter feeds of Christians, I would...

Written by Carl Beech

Boy about town: the Twitter-candy crush saga

// I suppose I could unfollow her, block her, exorcise her from my life.

Written by Boy About Town

A belated happy birthday Facebook – from someone who never joined

// "I concluded early on that I wanted to cultivate friendships in the real world and the friends I had who...

Written by Annie Carter

Can you be a Christian and… use Instagram?

// "We all use social media to present the best possible image of ourselves, yet in 1 Peter 5:5 we are...

Written by Nina Miers

A Facebook Fast: the advent of virtual liberation


Written by Jon Kuhrt

Miley, Sinead and attention-seeking open letters

// Does an open letter do more harm than good?

Written by Hannah Mudge

Our addiction to self-promotion

// Jesus gives an incredibly counter-cultural example when it comes to profile and promotion.

Written by Jon Kuhrt

Boy about town: fleeting fancy or a chance for love?

// Should he, shouldn't he? Our boy about town needs your advice...

Written by Boy About Town

Why social media has become the new narrator

// Thousands of stories are being uploaded and published daily, frame by frame, tweet by tweet, onto the pages of the...

Written by Jess Trigg

Envy: Why Facebook is making us all green

// Motherhood is, so far, the worst stage of life for becoming envious. The problem is there will always be someone...

Written by Hannah Silley

Facebook: the great break-up

// He tried to persuade me to stay; he said he'd be there if I ever wanted to come back; he...

Written by Alexandra Khan

Black Mirror: On social media and being not-so-gone

// In Charlie Brooker's fable there is no happy ending.

Written by Chine McDonald

I know I’m stressed when…

// I start talking to myself. In plural ‘We need to buy milk, then we're going to...'

Written by threads

Let’s get naked

// Jesus’ unpredictable ministry was not the work of someone who had one eye on Jerusalem and one eye on Twitter...

Written by Andy Flannagan