Where is our transformative influence?

// And are we believing in a selfish gospel?

Written by Freddie Pimm

Impossible is a dare

// An interview with Ben Cooley, founder of Hope for Justice.

Written by threads

10 books for your inner activist

// In the lead-up to our event on activism this week, here's a short reading list...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Pretty hurts

// I want my daughters to grow up in a world where human lives are valued as equal.

Written by Lucy Steels

10 businesses that are making a difference right now

// Here's some of our newest discoveries from the world of ethical business.

Written by threads

Think on these things

// How does Christ shape our thinking in this age of post-truth?

Written by Annie Carter

Protesting with kindness

// How to move from social media to social action.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

The Calais camp is gone – but the memories remain

// Lessons in loving strangers, learned from the refugees in Calais.

Written by Amy Merone

I am free to risk

// But let's pray for those who don't have the luxury of that choice. The latest post in our series on risk.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

What to pray when the words won’t come out

// Earlier this year, Tash Creaney from 24/7 Prayer and Emmanuel Church in Lurgan went to Malawi to visit some Tearfund projects in Malawi. Here, she reflects on her trip.

Written by Tash Creaney

Smear tests and sisterhood

// The church in Burundi is embracing the fact that women's lives are worth saving

Written by Sarah Rowe

The day I met ‘the refugee crisis’

// And she has perfectly painted nails

Written by Sarah Stone

I want every passport

// People are infinitely more than the labels we give them

Written by Hannah Henderson

London is my dream

// It's World Refugee Day 2016, and Sarah Stone reflects on a trip to Calais

Written by Sarah Stone


// Empathy isn't just radical listening and sitting with the feeling. Naomi Grant explores.

Written by Naomi Grant

Confessions of a ‘leftie’ married to a ‘rightie’

// What happens when the one you love, loves David Cameron?

Written by Becky Miles