Being harsh with the horny

// I doubt whether it’s a coincidence that the period of my life during which my attitude to sex was at...

Written by Jonty Langley

Don’t ask, don’t tell

// In a 2011 American survey 80% of unmarried 18-29 year olds respondents describing themselves as evangelical had also had sex.

Written by Vicky Walker

The sexual position for single Christians

// Being 32 and committing to no sex before marriage for the last few years does propel the eyebrows of new...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

The virginity of Jesus

// Doesn’t the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin mother and that he lived a celibate life suggest that...

Written by Alastair Roberts

Why you’re holy – even if you watch porn

// Sex is everywhere. A constant bombardment. I live in Phnom Penh, a deeply sexualised culture with massage parlours on every...

Written by Steve Edwards

Sex saturation, disconnect and healing

// Christians and the Church are particularly known for passing comment, judgement and instruction about sex and pointing the finger at...

Written by Harriet Long

Wedding night fails: tales from the honeymoon suite

// There’s nothing like the pressure on Christians for a perfect marriage night. From the bride of Christ to the love-drunk...

Written by Charis Gibson

Is heavy petting sex?

// This house believes that if you're engaging in consensual heavy petting prior to marriage, you shouldn't claim to be a...

Written by Anonymous

A grey area

// While we were getting our collective knickers in a twist, others were casting theirs aside with abandon. Christian viewpoints once...

Written by Vicky Walker

Holy and horny

// Sexuality is a crucial part of women's health and well being.

Written by Tonya Joy Bolton

No more page three

// I have a sex drive. I’m a red-blooded male, so what do you expect?

Written by Carl Beech