Taking a page from the Book of Mormon

// How a play about Mormonism challenged me to have a living faith.

Written by Hannah Kowszun

The day the religious right got Trumped

// What the events of Tuesday night mean for Christian voters

Written by Danny Webster

A Vicar, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a park

// Why working together isn’t a joke

Written by Rachel Godfrey

Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry

// "The Christian faith is capacious enough to allow for many unanswered questions."

Written by Andy Walton

Is Christianity defined by feeding the hungry?

// "It’s not about the good things that I do or the bad things someone else does. This is where I...

Written by Danny Webster

Christmas under siege: Let’s grow up

// "Our celebration alters the working year, dominates broadcasting, advertising, children’s expectations and the food we likely eat for months, and...

Written by Jonty Langley

How do you solve a problem like Millennials?

// We want depth, we want space to be ourselves, but our needs are also linked to our stage of life.

Written by Hannah Mudge

Resurrection: from religion to real faith

// It is possible for someone to attend worship, hear the stories and pray, yet never know the life-giving reality that...

Written by Cris Rogers

Rob Bell: Heretic, prophet or poet?

// Chine Mbubaegbu interviews the controversial theologian as he tours with his new book aimed at those discovering God outside of...

Written by Chine McDonald

The church of Biodanza

// While taking a class in Biodanza, Alex White hugs strangers, gets his face stroked and realises it's really not that...

Written by Alex White

Let’s get religious

// My dad always said grace before a meal, whether it was a snack or a multi-course dinner. It didn't matter...

Written by Peter Banks

Elusive inner peace

// In areas of new age we see a smorgasbord of mystical tradition and practice to get to grips with, and...

Written by Helen Bradley