Christian ghosting: the five stages

// A phenomenon I didn’t expect to experience in the world of Christian dating. Here I am one week into my new life as a ghostee.

Written by Charis Duckworth

Christians, love, and sex: that straightforward subject…

// Ahead of our upcoming event Sex: is the Church a prude?, Vicky wants to hear your thoughts on the world of relationships.

Written by Vicky Walker

Never been kissed and never been happier

// I'm 32 and have never been kissed - and I have a message for all my single friends.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Things no one told us about being in a couple

// Two friends email chat about their new relationships

Written by Danny Webster

A single woman’s guide to surviving wedding season

// Because it's almost upon us, and you don't want to live with #regrets

Written by Alexandra Davis

The key to lifelong sex? Get the right advice

// A response to a recent Guardian article.

Written by Christine Woolgar

How to lose an infatuation in 30 minutes (Part 2)

// Last time, we left Anon on the way to meeting the object of her affections. So what happened next?

Written by Anonymous

How to lose an infatuation in 30 minutes

// Part one in a two-part series on relationship pitfalls

Written by Anonymous

Don’t judge me but… I’m sick of the friend zone

// Because clearly 'Bambi Face' isn't working...

Written by Anonymous

Why I’ve stopped praying for a husband

// Okay, maybe I do still pray.

Written by Cristine Edusi

Girl About Town: the two-timing texter

// Yet another story about text game gone horribly wrong.

Written by Girl About Town

Let’s talk about … 21st century dating

// Two women discuss online dating, how to tell the crazies, and boundaries

Written by threads

How not to hate Valentine’s Day

// No, not all singles are crying into their pillow...

Written by Amanda Robinson

Divorced and dating

// The online dating bio no one wants to write...

Written by Ruth Clements

Make love, not porn

// Carrie Lloyd is back, to finish up our series on sex with another excerpt from Prude...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

Two guys walk into a pub: the sex chat

// Chris and Ryan are back in the pub, this time to talk about sex. Here's how the conversation unfolded...

Written by Ryan Morley Male

The receiving end of sex

// In the first post in our new series on sex, Christine Woolgar explores why it's not all about giving...

Written by Christine Woolgar

Love your imperfections

// There are imperfections, and then there are insurmountable mountains that derail any chance of love.

Written by Boy About Town

Sex: worth the wait?

// In this sneak preview from her book Prude, Carrie Lloyd lets us in on why she's waiting for sex...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

Girl about town: the phantom texter


Written by Girl About Town