The sheer stupidity of porn

// Three biblical examples of sheer stupidity and a Spirit-led thought above it.

Written by Nick Franks

Help, I’m greedy!

// There’s something I’ve never heard as a pastor.

Written by Tim Blaber

Can you be a Christian and a glamour model?

// Last month, a Nuts and Zoo glamour model was baptised off the coast of Cornwall.

Written by Beth Gault

No more page 3… soon?

// What a rollercoaster week it’s been for women’s bodies.

Written by Chine McDonald

What the Church has got wrong about porn

// "Maybe the question is not who is the enemy, but what? And maybe we even need to abandon such divisive...

Written by Paul Robinson

From seedy to celebrated: the acceptance of porn into mainstream culture (and parliament)

// In less than a generation we’ve gone from disgust and derision to virtual dependence.

Written by Annie Carter

Timberlake, titillation & the pornification of pop

// There's a whole heap of unnecessary nipple going on, and I find myself instantly bored and wondering what advert they...

Written by Alexandra Khan

Lust: Is it really all that bad?

// It's his shoulders that are deadly. I'd like to claw at them. I'd like him to push me against a...

Written by Andrea Boden

Why you’re holy – even if you watch porn

// Sex is everywhere. A constant bombardment. I live in Phnom Penh, a deeply sexualised culture with massage parlours on every...

Written by Steve Edwards

No more page three

// I have a sex drive. I’m a red-blooded male, so what do you expect?

Written by Carl Beech

We found God in a hopeless place – pornography


Written by Caleb Meakins

The future of porn

// It’s only a matter of time before those assessing the damage realise how deeply and negatively it's affecting our generation.

Written by Caleb Meakins