A time to pray

// What would happen if we started seeing every piece of news as an opportunity for prayer? Part Five in our series curated by Open Doors.

Written by Mike Walker

Can anything good come out of North Korea?

// What’s the darkest place in the world you can think of? Perhaps you might think of North Korea. Do you think God could still be at work even there?

Written by threads

Five reasons to be inspired by the persecuted Church

// The persecuted church. Millions of Christians every day making the choice to lose it all, give up everything, and wake up to a day that require full reliance on God. Here are five reasons why I believe this source of inspiration is for all of us.

Written by Pete Hopper

Why should we mark International Day of Prayer

// "Persecution may not feel real to me. But it is real for too many."

Written by Jay Niblett

Secret church

// As an 8-year-old I avidly read some classic Christian comics.

Written by Emma Worrall

The persecuted Church is the one you’re in

// Our first in a miniseries on the upcoming IDOP (International Day of Prayer)

Written by Alexandra Davis

What I’ve learnt from persecuted Christians

// "These tiny glimpses of the experience of Christians under pressure because of their faith have shown me what it means...

Written by Alexandra Davis

Christmas under siege: Let’s grow up

// "Our celebration alters the working year, dominates broadcasting, advertising, children’s expectations and the food we likely eat for months, and...

Written by Jonty Langley

Has modern Christianity turned soft?

// A life of sacrifice is not something to be avoided but embraced.

Written by Katie Stock

Should we rejoice in the Arab Spring?

// Are our loyalties to fellow Christians more important than the overthrow of despotic leaders?

Written by Joe Ware