Hurried and worried

// How to be more ‘God-in-control’ than ‘I-need-to-be-in-control'.

Written by Lee Jennings

7 tips for surviving Christmas with the in-laws

// When your new family takes the fun out of Christmas, what can you do?

Written by Anonymous

Slow discipleship

// An ancient practice that needs new ambassadors.

Written by Jenny Bridgman

The mindful Christian

// The Christian faith is rich with tools for emotional healing.

Written by Will van der Hart

Serenity now

// More than just a Seinfeld quote...

Written by Christine Gilland

Hope refound

// We often pray for our own desires to be fulfilled, but what about those of Syria?

Written by Amy Merone

The gift

// How do we find peace amidst the chaos? An Advent reflection.

Written by Emma Fowle

Peace on earth – including Calais

// In the second week of our Advent series, we explore the theme of peace in a time of crisis.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Silver linings: meeting God in the pain

// "I’m learning that Jesus meets us in our storm in a way he cannot when seas are smooth."

Written by Cat Gale

The place of peace

// "The Holy Spirit can transform the most unlikely of situations in to places of peace."

Written by Lynda Davies

Is the world on fire?

// As I flick through a global news feed, it certainly seems that way.

Written by Lisa Whitten

Something strange in my neighbourhood

// "Despite our physical proximity, the barriers remain."

Written by Paul Rose

I hate walls

// 25 years on from the Berlin Wall falling and we still haven't moved on.

Written by Robin Peake

Should Christians protest?

// Methinks we doth protest too little.

Written by Andy Flannagan

ISIS: monsters or made in the image of God?

// "... those people who fight for IS are no longer human ... is a lie and one that we must...

Written by Paul Rose

Stop, collaborate and listen

// What is it about the constant doing that I find so appealing and the call to be still that I...

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Zapping time

// As a polymath with a low boredom threshold and a butterfly brain, when I’m doing some dull administrative task there...

Written by Bex Lewis

Forgiveness: taking back stolen power

// It is a long, often challenging, process that sometimes feels stupid or impossible, but being aware that forgiving is both...

Written by Jem Oruwari

O little town of Bethlehem


Written by threads


// I’m deliberately abandoning the enterprise of making sense of myself. I breathe in, I breathe out. The silence hisses, neither...

Written by Francis Spufford