Why I have no intention of being a ‘happy wife’

// I won’t be anchoring my hopes for a happy marriage on a few half-hearted compliments and a smooch in the...

Written by Emma Fowle

Marriage is no fairytale

// "I’m tired of feeling like the honesty of real marriage is going to burst some idolised bubble of single dreamers....

Written by Kathryn Blakey


// I thought this stuff didn’t happen to Christians.

Written by Loretta Andrews

A better way for marriage: when you find someone else attractive

// We find each other attractive in every way, but we are also comfortable to accept that we do, fairly frequently,...

Written by Phil Green

My wife is not the only hot woman on earth

// Closed systems and open minds: advice to couples on valuing the hotness of others.

Written by Jonty Langley

Don’t call me beautiful on my wedding day

// Like almost every other bride, I’ve been seduced by the lie that I have to look perfect in my wedding...

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

10 things single people wish married people wouldn’t say…

// Dear lovely-married-Christian-people, you may think you're being empathetic and encouraging when you dish out these crackers to your single friends....

Written by Kate Wharton

If God invented sex, how come it’s so complicated?

// What no one ever told us is how complicated sex can be when you are married.

Written by El Edwards

Two become one? The great surname conundrum

// Hannah Mudge asks if you take your husband's name if you're letting down the sisterhood?

Written by Hannah Mudge

Girl about town: Get a room!

// I, Girl About Town, pledge never to become one of those couples. You know the ones that take Jesus's words,...

Written by Girl About Town

We found love in our silver years

// Kathy, 80, and Henry, 78, recently married after meeting through the internet. We caught up with the newly-weds to find...

Written by Henry and Kathy Johnston

The husband list

// A husband list while sometimes helpful to pull yourself back in line when about to fall for Mr-so-sexy-but-so-not-right, shouldn't become...

Written by Anonymous

What living with room-mates taught me about marriage

// I’ve learned as much about marriage from brushing my teeth next to my room-mates as I have from any sermon,...

Written by Lyndsey Graves

How not to have an affair

// I know people who have had affairs. They’re all good people who made stupid mistakes. Stupid mistakes leading to irreconcilably-damaged...

Written by Nathan Jones

Sex saturation, disconnect and healing

// Christians and the Church are particularly known for passing comment, judgement and instruction about sex and pointing the finger at...

Written by Harriet Long

Wedding night fails: tales from the honeymoon suite

// There’s nothing like the pressure on Christians for a perfect marriage night. From the bride of Christ to the love-drunk...

Written by Charis Gibson

Romance: embracing the imperfect reality

// The big romance I’d dreamed of having was not unfolding. Going out with someone in real life was really bloody...

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

The single guy: ousting the elephant in the room

// Loneliness is a reality for guys. It can creep in like an unwelcome guest at a dinner party full of...

Written by Paul Meneely

About a bride

// I still remember seeing her for the first time that day. Dressed in white. Stunning. Beautiful. Radiant. I gasped, momentarily...

Written by Simon Lang

Is heavy petting sex?

// This house believes that if you're engaging in consensual heavy petting prior to marriage, you shouldn't claim to be a...

Written by Anonymous