The gift of spam

// "For countless people in developing countries like Sierra Leone, a few slices of Spam would never be unwanted. Not when...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

Blessings in the things that are not

// Blessed are the high net worth individuals for they will fund the social justice initiatives

Written by Emily Bowerman

Can you be a Christian and… eat Kit Kats?

// In and of itself, boycotting doesn't work, doesn't change anything and is lazy campaigning.

Written by Jim Atkins

Syria: why I forgot

// For a moment, we fixed our eyes on Syria. And then life went on.

Written by Chine McDonald


// “How can you believe in a God that allows suffering?”

Written by Sara Guy

What’s the point of boycotts?

// Maybe I'm being cynical, but I just don’t think this boycotting business is going to work.

Written by threads

New Horizon – a better way: to do justice


Written by threads

Why do women end up in prison?

// “Maybe it’s not the fish. Maybe it’s the water.”[1]

Written by Sara Kewly Hyde

Weren’t we all going to change the world?

// God’s plan meant excitement, risk, facing down knife-wielding lunatics in alleyways, welcoming drug addicts into my home, letting them raid...

Written by Fiona Spence

Can you be a Christian and buy a diamond ring?

// After promising to myself that I'd never buy an uncertified diamond, I bought two...

Written by Jim Atkins

Hunger: the great injustice

// "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation." Nelson Mandela.

Written by Joe Ware

Greed: Why more is never enough

// Greed is always there. Greed wants more, no matter what the cost. Greed tells you it's just this once. A...

Written by Matt Crossman

Time to grow up, Primark

// Will the horrific building collapse in Dhaka killing at least 900 people, be enough for cheap clothing stores to take...

Written by Matt Hitchings

Is climate change as bad as slavery?

// Over the past few hundred years Christians have a proud record of standing up to some of the great injustices...

Written by Joe Ware

The wall that fear helps to build

// Statistics, news bites, headlines make us feel like we understand. It’s black and white, clear-cut and laid out in a...

Written by Tina Boonstra

Food glorious food!

// Hunger and I fell out a long time ago – probably when I was about six and tucking into homemade...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Why God is a feminist

// Being female is still a huge struggle for survival and dignity in many parts of the world. It’s estimated that...

Written by Amanda Jackson

Who are you really in a relationship with?

// I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get a relationship and why I haven’t got one

Written by Rebecca Baron

Miracles: of babies and bathwater

// I long for the moments when the creator breaks into the groove of the beautiful rhythms He kick-started, to do...

Written by Andy Flannagan

Salvation by works

// I used to think life was a sordid little waiting room we had to put up with until we died...

Written by Joe Ware