Hannah Kendall, composer

// Our Working 9 to 5 series continues with a peek into a day in the life of a contemporary classical composer

Written by threads

Christina McKenzie, food stylist

// On our brand-new Working 9 to 5 series, we take a peek at other people's lives for one day. Today, meet Christina, food stylist for Jamie Oliver.

Written by threads

What if we’re not all meant to save the world after all?

// Sometimes the pursuit of a ‘meaningful’ career can become as narrow-minded and limiting as the pursuit of success.

Written by Christine Gilland

Can you be a Christian and a glamour model?

// Last month, a Nuts and Zoo glamour model was baptised off the coast of Cornwall.

Written by Beth Gault

From Bible college to banking

// Five years later, I’m still there. Not quite what I anticipated.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Whatever you think your calling is, it isn’t

// It's not church leader or entrepreneur or activist or anything else.

Written by Nick Harris

Five ways to deal with unemployment

// This week was a big week for many university students ...

Written by Gemma Brown

4 things I’ve learnt about being unemployed

// "Unemployment helps develop a thick skin. After my first job rejection I stayed in pyjamas all day and cried down...

Written by Joanna Leighton

What are you working for?

// "Throughout the 1990s the word ‘incentivise’ appeared 449 times in major newspapers. In just two years, 2010-11, it appeared 5,885...

Written by Mark Sampson

To do or not to do

// "I was no longer ‘achieving’ - not in the world’s eyes anyway. I had no answer to the question “what...

Written by Katie Fry

Decisions, decisions – facing your future

// Wouldn’t it be great to have specific and unmistakable guidance from God, especially for the big questions? Am I in...

Written by Krish Kandiah