Learning to embrace struggle

// Why Lent isn't something you're meant to 'win'.

Written by Jennifer Goodyer

Christian? Or Disciple?

// Here's the choice: will we be a follower or a face in the crowd?

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Jesus: a radical activist

// Jesus caused havoc amongst the religious elite in his time.

Written by Rebecca Atkinson

Ruth: lessons in disappointment

// There is, in all the stories of the women of Jesus’ genealogy, the story of the wait.

Written by Ruth Clements

Why Jesus isn’t a utilitarian

// Jesus gives us relationship instead of a system.

Written by Joe Ogborn

My yoke is easy, my burden is light

// A Monday-morning reflection.

Written by Jenni Brews

Hurried and worried

// How to be more ‘God-in-control’ than ‘I-need-to-be-in-control'.

Written by Lee Jennings

Is the way we do leadership training actually hindering growth?

// The current system isn't open to women - can Jesus model a better way?

Written by Benedict Atkins

Wife of Uriah, ancestor of Jesus

// A continuation of our series on the female ancestors of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

Currency exchange

// A parable about Euros and the kingdom of God.

Written by Jenni Brews

Rahab: prostitute, ancestor of Jesus

// She's not her past; she’s all about her future.

Written by Ruth Clements

What’s wrong with 2016? Me.

// This article isn’t about blind optimism. This is about looking far enough ahead to see the end of the story.

Written by Andy Flannagan

Tamar – ancestor of Jesus

// How an ordinary woman became an ancestor of Christ himself.

Written by Ruth Clements

Our loss of identity: how our culture is lying to us all

// After Black Friday, we consider whether living ethically is just for hippies and annoying do-gooders.

Written by Anya Briggs

We need a working-class gospel

// When life isn’t heading in the right direction, people need a way out.

Written by Darren Edwards

Are we prepared to speak the truth?

// Because by doing so, we recognise the glory, beauty and scandal of the Gospel.

Written by Nick Harris

How a spinal cord tumour helped me know God’s goodness

// What I'm learning through suffering, and Mephibosheth's story.

Written by Margaret Stewart

Grace: counter-culturalism in action

// The grace we read about, or know in our heads, pales beside grace in action.

Written by Mike Harvey

The marriage rules

// What if we could see things more simply?

Written by Annie Carter

Jesus had a radical love for women

// Jesus’ life must convict every one of us to challenge violence against women.

Written by Miriam Brittenden