Mad World and multi-tasking

// Trying to tune into the God song...

Written by Jenni Brews

Injustice: compelled by love, not guilt

// For hundreds of years no-one opposed the slave trade because it served their own economic interests. What do we choose to ignore because it serves our own economic interests?

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

How Dispatches burst my bubble

// I don't know what to do, but evil cannot win.

Written by Ruth Clements

3 things to remember when you’re exhausted by injustice

// The simple things that can keep you afloat in a sea of tragedy.

Written by Jendella Benson

No better time to be a woman?

// "The millions of girls affected by FGM and child marriage are testament to a different reality."

Written by Amelia Abplanalp

Sexual violence in conflict: it needs to stop

// I have no idea what I can do, or even what I’m supposed to do. But I know it can’t...

Written by Sarah Stone

God wants us to speak up

// "Bob Crow and Tony Benn were both atheists, but they spoke up against injustice, inequality and the things they believed...

Written by Hannah Kowszun

The diary of a liberal evangelical sceptic, who loves Jesus

// I want to live in a better world and hate religion that gets in the way of that.

Written by Alex White

Unity hurts

// The thought of holding hands, sitting round a camp fire and singing 'kumbaya' with Nick Griffin absolutely fills me with...

Written by Chine McDonald

Conkering injustice and NaNoWriMo

// I’m realising how much focus, determination and faith is required to achieve anything of lasting value.

Written by Jim Atkins